Gothenberg Travel Diaries

Travel Diary 04: Sweden – Gothenburg Southern Archipelago Islands

The Archipelago Islands are spread along the coast of Gothenburg, Sweden and easily accessible by Ferry. I was doing my small Scandinavian trip in March 2017 where I stayed in Gothenburg for few days and decided to visit the archipelago. Although there were many small islands within the archipelago, due to rains and little bad weather, I only had time to visit one Island, so I decided to take the ferry to the farthest once known as “Vrångö”.

Archipelago Islands

March is usually considered as winter months, it is windy and cold, so it not exactly the right season to visit these islands. But for travelers like us, when it comes to travel and exploring, seasons doesn’t matter and on the plus side since there aren’t much crowds, you get to explore the places by yourself which is more fun and peaceful!

After reaching Gothenburg, my first stop was  Archipelago only.  Gothenburg has either 1 or 3 day transportation day tickets. Ferries are included in the both tickets. So I bought a 3 day ticket and took a tram 11 from center towards “Goteborg Saltholmens Brygga” ferry terminal. All the ferries for Archipelago Islands starts from here. They have small information/ticket kiosk where you can also get free maps and guidance on the ferry times and they also explains you the preferred number of islands you can cover in the remaining time of the day. I waited for my ferry for almost half an hour to 45mins and finally boarded to head towards the last Island “Vrångö”. The time from the main terminal to the farthest island takes about an hour approx and you get to see the view of the other islands on the way.

View of Islands from the Ferry on my way to Vrango

Have you even been in a ferry marching towards the sea when it actually raining and cloudy? and the more closer you go into the sea, the more you feel excited and scary at the same time. On my way to Vrango, every time I look outside, even in the those darkest moments of nature, I was filled with the feeling of excitement and adventure at the same time. A Traveler who is afraid of nature isn’t a traveler at all. At least that’s what I think! (Don’t you?) As I sat closer to the window and saw the ferry gushing through the water, tiny small chunks of land untouched in the lap of nature in the middle of the sea, far somewhere few pitched houses resting on ground, and on the other side, the never ending extent of the ocean, as I moved forward , my eyes captured all these beautiful moments I haven’t seen before in my life.

My ferry finally reached the Vrango terminal. It was still raining and there were only few people along with me to step on the Island. I quickly saw a coffee shop next to it, so I directly went there as I was really craving for hot cup of coffee! I ordered a coffee with a small piece of cake, sat down close to window, outside it was still raining and inside the coffee shop, there were only 2 people who might have to come to visit but seems to be afraid to go out because of the rain.

While looking at the window and having the hot sip of the my coffee, watching the rain getting strong every second, there was bit of silence in that moment and I thought am I really scared? I don’t have an umbrella, just a jacket with a hood, my passport in the pocket (unwrapped) and vulnerable to rains, I dont know the way inside and there is not a single person present on this small island I can see, maybe I will get lost, maybe by the time I come back I wont be able to catch ferry, maybe….!? But then I thought, all my life I have been always scared to take chances and the only time I have felt happy when I actually took them. So, I finished my coffee, wore my jacket, put on the hood and went into the island to find the last spot where it ends!

But wait……Lets take a look what I saw on the way 🙂
archp Collage 2b
Cottage houses built on the Vrango island.

I walked by some beautiful houses on the way, it was as if walking into a canvas drawn in front of me and only me as there was not a single person I could find, It was still raining, the intensity was increasing every second I went further, but my heart was pumping with loads of excitement  and all it desired to see more and more of what was coming!

After exploring, getting lost and coming back and forth, I finally managed to find a spot on the farthest point which was built on top of rocks. Although because of rains it was all wet, still I carefully find a way to climb the rocks (even slip for few times :D) but eventually after a bit of struggle I managed to climb on the other side and what I saw then was just magical! At that very moment, I forgot the rains, opened my arms wide spread and just enjoyed the view! I was just connected in that beautiful moment of nature and nothing else mattered to me at that time!

1 2 3 4

It is breathtaking isn’t it? well after spending a good time in the rains, I was already sneezing by then. As I turned around I had literally no idea how to reach back again on the other side. At least 4 times I climbed and came back to same spot and by then I was slightly getting worried a bit. But the good part was, I was still enjoying the views! :D.. I  found a small route between rocks but further again lost my way couple of times and somehow made it back to Vrango ferry terminal.

I again went into the same coffee shop, there was no one there by then. I ask the swedish lady if I can dry my clothes somewhere there and she was nice to help me out. Well there was no one else to help out otherwise. I asked her out of curiosity if anyone lives here now in this season and she told me she still lives on the same Island and I was happy to finally find a local person to ask questions! 😀

I sat down again on the same window side with a hot cup of coffee, trying to relieve my new cold I have recently catch upon, looking at window, watching rains, feeling proud to live the moment which I will always remember in my lifetime! 🙂

Have you been to Gothenberg archipelago before? or what was your last daring cum magical experience? Feel free to share in the comments below as I would love to read them! 🙂

“Live for the magical unforgettable experiences, they are the only ones which will be there with you in your last moments of life”