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Does traveling have a stereotype? How much time you spend in a place on your travels?

Does traveling have a stereotype? How much time you spend in a place on your travels?

A question I have encountered a lot of times during my travel.  Everyone travel with their own freewill, that’s true and everyone of us plans and decides what travel plan is best suited for us! Most of the travelers out there take a good decent break for months, even years, pick up one or two countries, get settle and explore the life out there. However, there are some people who only stays for a shorter time span in a city and travel to multiple countries and destinations. 

Does traveling have a stereotype that one should follow?

I recently attended a meetup in New Delhi initiated by “Wandering Earl“. I have been following Derek for sometime as he has been traveling the world since 1999 and it was really great to finally meet him in person. During the discussion, one of questions I asked him was how many countries he has traveled so far and as I remember it was 100+. However, he then explained that it doesn’t matter to him the number of places he has been to but what more valuable are the experiences and people he met along the way!

Travel Experience Concept

The second experience I would like to share -where I was recently traveling through Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and stayed there for 4 days. During my stay, I attended few travel meetups and met a lot of people traveling from all parts of the world. People of all different age groups ,believe me! With so many random plans which people where sharing most of them seems to be spontaneous. Many of them have quit their jobs, taken a break for an year or months and were traveling all across Asia and once they are back they had plans to hunt for another job. While some of them only had a short break for up-to lets say a month, and they had planned their trips accordingly. But finding so many people quitting their jobs and traveling long term in a place, made me wonder, is it the only best way to experience the charisma of traveling?

Quit job to travel long concept

A lot of travelers and bloggers, are mostly living a style of nomadic traveling and that’s the deal which has been booming on internet heavily. You know stories about people quitting the jobs, selling everything, and traveling all across the world. Well it seems kind a true to me after my recent experience of meeting people who kinda following the same footsteps in certain way. Although one of the topic of discussion in Derek meetup was also about the same where we discussed there has to be strategic plan for someone who really decides to take the style of nomadic traveling as most of people tend to give up or get bored along the way.

If I talk about myself, I am still in a phase, trying to discover how can you really enjoy the essence of traveling. While doing my regular work, trying to take as much trips as I can, I kind of have to usually adopt the short span traveling routing as I am still not totally convinced of quitting my work, finding another source of income just to survive my travels. So I keep experimenting all the different “styles” of traveling which people are practicing around the world out there lately.

What I believe, which I totally agree with what Derek mentioned in the meetup, what matter mostly are the experiences. I have traveled to some amazing places in my last 4 years span, and even though I mostly stayed there for shorter time, I have collected numerous experience of my life. It really doesn’t matter to me to set a specific stereotype to travel or to just follow what other people are doing, what matters is I just want to experience anything and everything when it comes to travel. I always tell the beginners who want to taste the travel life that dont think much. Whatever you can do, do it! whether its a day, month or years off, take it and go for it.

And maybe I think that’s the easiest way to experience travel as it comes, to free your mind of any preconceived notions, and find your experiences along the way. The more dynamic it is, the more enjoyable it will always be! 🙂

What do you think? Do you follow a particular travel style? Feel free to share you comments!

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