How I got 5 Years Multiple Entry Japan Visa from India?!

Japan Multiple Entry visa

Japan is one of the beautiful and at the same time most under-rated destination for Indians in my opinion. Not many Indians I have come crossed are much aware of the fact that what this beautiful country has to offer Read more…

How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India? Fast & Easy!

All about Canada Tourist Visa

Canada is one the most popular destinations for Indians. Lot of people every year apply for Canada visa, sometimes to simply visit the beautiful country or sometime just to build their travel history which might help them later for better Read more…

What are dummy flight tickets? Can you use them for Schengen Visa?

Dummy flight ticket

What are dummy flight tickets? Should you use it for Schengen Visa application? Most of time people get confused when they read about the use of Dummy Flight tickets especially while applying for Schengen visa. Some of the questions which Read more…

How difficult is to get Schengen Visa for first time from India?

Almost every day I receive calls from people across all over India asking me out on the fears and possibilities of applying Schengen visa for the first time. Most of the questions I get: I have never been outside India Read more…

How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India?

Australia tourist visa process

By Anubhav Aggarwal Australia offers various visa type and categories, among which one of the famous one is their Tourist visa. Tourist Visa Type: Visitor visa (subclass 600) This visa allows you to visit Australia either for Tourism or to Read more…


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