How To Apply For Turkey Tourist Visa From India?

How To Apply For Turkey Tourist Tourist Visa From India?

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for Indians. It is considered as a gateway to Europe when traveling from Asia. As compared to most of the countries in Europe, traveling to Turkey is comparitively cheaper and affordable which is why it is preferred as a major international touristic destinations for Indian travelers. 

The following post covers the detailed information and insights for turkey tourist visa application process for Indian travelers. 

There are 2 types of Turkey visa:

  • e-visa (only valid when the purpose of travel is tourism or commerce)
  • Sticker Visa (Valid for all purpose) 

Turkish e-visa is equivalent to the Turkish sticker visa issued at Turkish missions.

Turkey e-visa facts and process:

  • Offers Short stay visa, with stay upto 30 days (within 6 months), processing time minimum 2 weeks.
  • Each traveller must have a seperate e-Visa.
  • Family applications can be created for minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 applicants.
  • You can apply for your e-Visa any time before your travel. However, it is advisable to create an e-Visa application at least 48 hours before your departure.
  • Fees applicable for Indian nationals: 43 USD (approx).

Which indian national are eligibile for Turkish e-visa?

  • Those who have valid visa from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland.
  • Those who have valid residence permit” from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland

* Validity should be by the date/time one enter Turkey. e.g. entry date to Turkey should lie within the validity period of supporting document.

Explore Turkey
  • Offers Short stay visa, with stay upto 1-3months (within 6 months), processing time minimum 2 weeks.
  • Validity period of your Visa begins from the date specified in your application.
  • If you go by airway and do not leave the transit zone, you do not need to obtain a visa. However, in all other cases you need to obtain a visa.
  • Visa application can be submitted to the VAC earliest 6 months before the travel date. The latest you can apply for Visa is:

For Delhi:
1. New Delhi- minimum 4 working days.
2. Chandigarh- minimum 6 working days.
3. Jaipur- minimum 6 working days.
4. Jalandhar- minimum 6 working days
5. Gurgaon- minimum 6 working days.
6. Kolkata- minimum 6 working days.
7. Kathmandu- minimum 8 working days.

For Hyderabad:
1. Hyderabad – minimum 9 working days

For Mumbai:
1. Mumbai- minimum 10 working days.
2. Ahmedabad- minimum 12 working days.
3. Pune- minimum 12 working days.
4. Goa- minimum 12 working days.
5. Bengaluru- minimum 12 working days.
6. Cochin- minimum 12 working days.
7. Trivandrum- minimum 12 working days.
8. Chennai- minimum 12 working days.



Gateway (VAC) Service Fees
Regular application (if the travel is after 4 or more working days later)
India: 3.560,- INR (exl. taxes)

VIP (Premium, if there are less than 4 working days to the travel date)
India: 8.810,- INR (exl. taxes)

SMS Service (200 INR) in the submission time

General For All Applicants:

Original Passport
> The original passport should be issued less than 10 years with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry to Turkey.
> Your passport must have at least 2 empty pages.
> The photocopy of valid passport first and last pages.

Biometric Photographs
> Two biometric photos with white background that were taken within the last 6 months covering the full-face including ears and
all hair, clearly and completely visible without shadow, in 2.5-inch x 2.5-inch size.

For Minors:
>Minors need consent letter from both parents in all cases (eventhough minor is travelling with both parents). The consent must contain photos of parents and applicant and notarized
> NOC must be on 100Rs stamp paper.
> Original Passport from both parents even if minor is travelling with both parents.

Visa application Form:
>Manually filled visa application form by blue or black pen in capital letters with 1 photograph affixed to it, signed by the applicant
> Link –

Covering Letter:
– Original letter with travel plan (Business person will use their letterhead)
– If the applicant is submitting the applications of his/her family, then all applications must include a copy of the covering letter

If US/Canada/UK travel histroy (in last 10 years), with travel stamps
– If the applicant continues to travel to a third country (i.e. UK, USA, Canada etc…) after leaving the Turkey Region, the visa of the next country has to be obtained first.
If refused visa earlier – attached refusal letter – and state reasons in covering letter

For Tourism or Visiting Family, friends.:

> Confirmed Flight tickets, Hotel booking

> Travel Health Insurance
– Travel insurance should cover at least duration of the trip in Turkey
– Travel Insurance is mandatory requirement which should fulfill the below requirements,

        I. Medical Evacuation and repatriation expenses
        II. Personal accidental death
       III. Personal liability
       IV. Daily allowance in hospitalization cases
       V. This plan should cover the insured for a minimum of Euro 30000.

> Detailed Day-by-day Itinerary

> Proof of Financial Support:
– ITR (3 years) (For partnership firms, Company ITR for last 3 years needed)
– Bank statements (3 months) – both personal and business (in original or copies attested by bank)
– Investments (Mutual funds etc.)
– Property proof/ personal net worth
– Credit card front copies and statement of credit limit

> If sponsered trip:
– Letter signed by sponser paying notarized + their passport photocopy + bank certificate proving sufficient funds.
– Proof of sponser relationship with applicant
– Above documents dated within 3 months of submission

> If you are Employed:
– NOC [should included name, position, current salary, date of hire, employer’s (name, adress, telephone number)]
– Salary Slips/Certificates of the last 3 months and Form 16.

> If Self-Employed:
– The company registration documents
– GST / Goods and Services Tax.
(Partnership Deed / Proof of proprietorship or other proof of ownership.)

> If Retired:
– Original retirement documents
– Income proof (if any: pension slips, rent from property etc.)
– Last 3 month’s personal bank statement, in original or copies attested by bank.

> If Students traveling outside of school holidays” (Same applicable for unemployed)
– School letter confirming your standing reputation and approved absence leaves.
– Parents or legal guardians must provide their personal bank statements for the last3 months.
– Parents ITR (3 years)
– Parents confirmation letter of financial support
– Copy of their passports

> If Freelancer:
– Contract documents & leave/cover letter as applicable
– Last 3 months’ personal bank statement (original or copies attested by bank)

> Additional Documents:
– If not shown in passport, Marriage Certificate of the Couple issued by the marriage registrar / Affidavit required attested by Notary Public

> Inviter in Turkey:
– Invitation Letter (indicating purpose and duration of visit)
> (Notarized if Invitee is provided financial support, Notary format may be different than formal letter of inivtation – copy contents)
– A copy of their immigration/citizenship documents.
– Income & Financial proofs, includes – Income tax assesment, employment letters, pay stubs, bank statements.
– If inviter student, acceptance letter/ good standing of school.
– If visiting family, proof of relationship with Turkish invitee (birth certificate, copy of marriage certificate etc.)
– Detailed Itinerary of places to visit with family/friends while in Turkey


– Appointments to be book for (Delhi, Gurgaon kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and Cochin)
– Other visa application centre region dont need an appointment.
– You can book an appointment by calling the call center or you can send an e-mail to customer care.

Aditional Services:

– Turkey Visa Application Centres provide additional services such as photocopy, photograph, premium lounge, Courier, SMS and Hold at Location, Courier Insurance and Travel Insurance to offer you convenience.

Premium Lounge Service:

– Premium lounge service is an additional service and your issue period is less with this service. If you apply until 3 o’clock, your passport will be forward in the same day to embassy. If you apply after 3 o’clock, your application will be forward next day in the morning. This service is just available for Delhi and Gurgaon offices. Your departure date is less than 4 working days, you can just apply under premium lounge service in Delhi and Gurgaon.

– You will receive update e-mails regarding your visa application status.
– If you would like you may use our SMS Service (200 INR)

– Along with your identity card and payment receipt given to you, you can collect your passport from Turkey Visa Application Centres.
– If you would like to you can use our additional service- Hold At Location. For example; If you have applied from our Delhi office and are residing in Kolkata, you can benefit from our hold at location service to our Kolkata office for your passport in return for 450 INR and you can collect your passport from our Kolkata offic.e.

Passport Delivery Hours15:00-17:00


Applying Turkey visa is a hassle free process. The important key role to get easy approvals is arranging the right documentation in order to provide trust to the visa officer that you have financial and right intentions of traveling to Turkey and after completing your trip, you will be returning back to your home country.

For this we recommend to try our services with DreamsVoyager. We are team of professional travelers who knows the challenges an average traveler faces daily especially when its come visa applications and very well knows how to recommend the perfect approach in order to built the best case for approvals! For more details regarding booking and pricing, kindly click on the link given below:

For professional support, book our Turkey visa assistance service.

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How difficult is to get Schengen Visa for first time from India?

Many people apply for Schengen Visa first time but not everyone get instant approvals from Embassy in India. Learn the insights on how difficult or easy it is to get Schengen visa for first timers.

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UK Visa Services Resumes from 6th July 2020

U.K. Visa Services Resumes from 6th July 2020!

Apply now for U.K. Visa from India from 6th July 2020

The United Kindom is finally opening its doors to tourist and visitors and has begin accepting Visitor Visa applications from 6th July 2020. People can now apply for U.K. Tourist and Visitor Visa. Earlier travel to U.K. was suspended due to Coronavirus Pandemic happend across the world. The Government of United Kindom has also share the details about all protocols and guidlines which every traveler needs to follow during the Covid-19 travel.

The Guidelines can be found below:

If you’re a resident or visitor travelling to the UK, you must:

  • Provide your journey and contact details
  • Not leave the place you’re staying for the first 14 days you’re in the UK except in very limited situations (known as ‘self-isolating’)
  • Every traveler entering U.K. must fill and complete the Public health passenger locator form
  • The form cannot be submitted until 48 hours before the due arrival in U.K.
  • The form has to be shown on arrival at U.K. border, either by printing a copy, or showing it on your phone.
  • The government will use this information for tracking your symptoms and movement while your stay in U.K.
  • £100 fine can implied if refuse to provide contact details or breaking rule more than once.  They may also prohibit you enter U.K again.
  • If traveling with other people, family or friends, they have all have to fill seperate forms.
  • For children before 18 years not required to fill the form considering they are stay with the family members throughout the stay in U.K.. Their details have to be filled in the family members.
  • You have to travel straight to your place where you are staying.
  • You can use “Public Transport” if left with no other option. Maintain social distancing all the time and wearing mask or face covering is mandatory.
  • If you have long journey within U.K. to your stay, then you can stop overnight in safe accommodation before continuing the journey. Details of the same has to be provided in the Public health passenger locator form.
  • You have to maintain self-isolation for 14 days at your accommodation and have to stay away from others.
  • Visitors (including family or friends) are prohibited during self-isolation period.
  • Going to public places, shopping etc. is also not allowed during this time. If any grocery or medicines are required, you can either order delivery and arrange the same to your place with help of friends/family.
  • NHS Volunteer Responders are also available if you need help collecting shopping, medication or would like a telephone ‘check-in and chat’. Call 0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm) to arrange volunteer support. 
  • If any of the Covid 19 symptoms (such as cough, high temperature, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) develops, you should continue self-isolation and apply for a test.
  • You can register for test here on NHS website.
  • If test came out positive, you have to share you contacts with the NHS Test and trace service.
  • If symptoms get worse, then use the NHS 111 online coronavirus (COVID-19) service. If you do not have internet access, call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999.

You do not need to complete the form or self-isolate if you’re travelling from one of the following places, or fullfil certain criteria and you were there for 14 days or more:

  • Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man
  • Visitors arriving from Common Travel Area (CTA)
  • Representative of a foreign country or territory And representative of the British overseas territories, along with their families or dependnts traveling to the UK to undetake official business with the U.K.
  • Defence personnel, visiting foces & government contractors who the Ministry of Defence has confirmed are required to deliver essential defence activities.
  • U.K. officials & contractors required to work on essential border security dutis.
  • Non-U.K. officials & contractors required to work on essential border security duties.
  • Crown servants or government contractors traveling to the U.K. for essential government work.
  • People who live in U.K. but work in another country & travel between the U.K. and country of work at least once a week.
  • People who live outside the U.K. but work in the U.K. and travel between their country of residence and the U.K. at least once a week.
  • Driver of goods vehicles or public service vehicles & other employees of community licence holders for the international carriage of goods or passenger by coach and bus.
  • People transiting airside (individuals who arrive in the U.K. but not pass border conrol)
  • Civil aviation inspectors engaged on insepection duties.
  • Other working class category, more details on the same can be found here.

For all visitors planning their future travel to U.K., now is the good time to apply for U.K. Visa. Since being still currently recovering from pandemic crisis, even country including U.K. is looking forward to promote tourism to boost it economy further. So every Visitor Visa comes with 6 months validity, people can plan their travel well in advance and get their UK visa at the earliest accordingly.

Now Apply for Dubai Visa from India from 7th July 2020

Dubai visa processing have opened from 7th July. Learn about traveling protocols and guidlines for travelers...

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Dubai Visa Services Re-starting In July 2020

Dubai Visa Services Resumes on 7th July 2020!

Apply now for dubai visa from India on or after 7th July 2020

Dubai is finally opening its doors to tourist and visitors from 7th July 2020. People can now apply for Dubai visitor or tourist visa. Earlier travel to Dubai was suspended due to Coronavirus Pandemic happend across the world. The Government of Dubai media has also share the annoucement via their twitter handle along with the specific guidlines which every traveler needs to follow during the Covid-19 travel.

The Guidelines can be found below:

The most essential point for the traveler is that they have to carry PCR (Covid 19) negative test results which should be valid within 96 hours of the traveler. If not, then they have to take test at the airport and bear the cost on their own. If test came out negative, then there should be no issue, however, if found positive, they have to follow a 14-Day quarantine protocol.

The total Coronavirus cases for UAE as of today is 50,657, out of which 40,297 has already been recovered. As per WHO, the cases has drastically declined in UAE and Dubai can be you next immediate spot for your upcoming travels. 

Can Indians get Dubai Visa on arrival?

Learn the process on how Indians can now get Dubai Visa on Arrival...

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Travel Blog Travel tips

5 Scams to know before traveling to New Delhi

5 Scams

to know before traveling to New Delhi

India is one of those developing countries where people fear to travel before even planning a trip here. One of the scariest part are the scams stories other than food or hygiene. But I think scams nowadays are pretty much common everywhere around the world. I mean sometimes I believe, being an Indian benefits myself to be prepare for both good and bad side to experience around the world. I think its always easy to learn a system but difficult to learn a chaos, but when you get the hand on both, you always know whats going to happen out the every situation in your travels.

Being lived in Delhi most of my life and grown up here, I am going to share today some common facts on scams and their possible alternatives to get around easily when you are in New Delhi, India. (and most of it applies everywhere around other cities as well).

  • Taxi Scams : When you arrive at airport, cross immigration and move towards fetching a cab to your hotel , then random taxi drivers may approach you and ask you where you want to go and offer you a cheap price. Kindly ignore them as they can never be trusted. Secondly, there are pre-paid booths just outside arrivals, although they are pre-paid but usually can be rip-offs. There is indeed an authorized government taxi pre-paid counter but even if you opt for that, the cab conditions are not so great sometimes. So what to do then?..If you are arriving during the day, Uber/ola is definitely the best option.  If you are arriving at night, I will definitely recommend asking your hotel to arrange pick-up because anyway its hard to find the right pre-paid taxi counters because unless you are not with a local, you cant really negotiate with them and for tourist, taxi drivers can always play games to fool them around and for solo female travelers, safety is always concern!
  •  Fake travel agents : There are plenty of small travel agent shops you can find    across Delhi but most of them are fake or not really authorized. What should you do? Well the best is find the government authorized tourist information center OR best is to book online! Well for flights its easy. For trains, you have to buy a local number because when you go to the train reservation website  for making an account it is usually required to send an OTP (one time password) on the registered Indian number.  For buses you can use this website. But its always better to travel in train as an alternative to buses! Otherwise, flights are the best to opt for.
  • Fake Sim Cards : If you go to Sim card shop and they offer you sim cards without asking for your passport and 2 passport size photographs, then its definitely fake! Its better not to use them because you never know for what purpose that number has been used for earlier! Research for Sim card companies authorized centers like Airtel, Vodafone etc. you may visit them to complete your necessary documentation.
  • Tuk-Tuk Negotiations : Well first of all Tuk-Tuk are called “Auto-Rikshaw” here in India. They are cheap to use when traveling across Delhi. But they can also be rip-off especially when they know you are outsider! Always negotiate! How? well first, if you stop a Tuk-tuk ask them to use registered meters. If they deny or say its not working, then know beforehand how much it would cost -you can fetch the details on this website. Tell them the destination and ask for fare. If they tell you added +10 to +20 Rs max, take the ride, else tell them your last price and if they dont agree then let them go. They will probably agree in the last moment or if not, stop another one and try the same. It will eventually work! (For night charges add another 50-70 Rs maximum to that amount)
  • Commission agents : Wherever you go, airports, train stations, streets, shopping places, markets etc. there will be people who can approach you or taxi/tuk-tuk drivers who can fool you out telling you the places you are meant to go or wish to go is not the right one or is closed due to some XYZ reasons, and they will take you to the ones where their commissions are fixed. So kindly ignore them, trust your guts, research a bit and find the things yourself. Its always better to ask young people, couples or families around you for help.  There are many good people here who will always be willing to offer you help as well!

Well there are many others scams as you travel around the country (like not to give anything to road-side beggars as there is mafia who force them or scams related to bargaining at shops etc) but the one written above are very common ones that you may encounter specially in Delhi when it comes to travel. But would be similar elsewhere in other cities as well. So know them, keep yourself aware and rest be assured, traveling here is not that complicated!

Have you traveled to India before? Did you experience any scams? Or what was your last experience where you come across a particular scam when you traveled to a new country? Feel free to share your comments.

New Delhi scams Article

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Off-Beat Places To Viisit In India

One of the best ways to explore Iceland is go on a adventurous hike to witness beautiful farms and mountains...

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Can Indians get Dubai Visa on arrival?

Can indians can get dubai visa on arrival?

UAE or Dubai visa is one of the most popular visas for Indians. Although there are some countries for which Visa on arrival facilities are available in UAE, Indians, however, need to obtain an E-visa before planning to visit Dubai.

Not so while ago, UAE government has started a visa-on arrival scheme for Indian citizen on only one criteria that they should posses US valid visas. Lets discuss this process more in details what is all about and under what criteria one is eligible to avail it.

Conditions that entitles Dubai visa on arrival for Indians.

    1. One should have a valid USA Visa (Used, Unused and all types are accepted)
    2. Should have an Indian Passport valid at least six (6) months beyond the date of departure from the Dubai.
    3. Should possess return or onward ticket to the next country of destination.
    4. Should have no derogatory record with the UAE Bureau of Immigration.

What will happen at Indian and Dubai Airports?

  1. You will have to tell the airline ground staff at airline check-in counter that you possess valid USA visa (which allows Visa on arrivals for Indians) and that they can check in your passports.
  2. The next thing is they will check you have valid return or onward flight within the validity of your USA visa. (The airlines usually check this because they are given the responsibility to bring you back if you don’t posses a valid return or onward ticket within your visa validity.)
  3. At Indian Immigration, you will have to show your passports showing USA visa + boarding passes + return/onward flight ticket. They will ask standard questions related to your travel plans like how many days you plan to stay, your purpose of travel etc. On verification, they stamp your passport and you move ahead with security check.
  4. On arrival at Dubai Airport, you have to locate “Marhaba counter” which are usually located just opposite to immigration counters. You have to show again your valid USA visa with passport there.
  5. On verification, you have the pay the “Visa on arrival” fees which is about “121 Dirhams” (this is as per latest update and may change at the time of travel). The payment are accepted in both cards and cash. They will provide you receipt which contains a Barcode. You have to keep it safe throughout your time in Dubai.
  6. After getting receipt, go ahead to the immigration counter where they will verify your passports (with USA Visa) along with Receipts and Barcode. They may ask you some  usual questions about your stay again like I have mentioned earlier for Indian airport immigration. After this you get a passport stamp and arrival in Dubai.

Can you avail “Visa on arrival “with any other visa other than USA visa?

  • Some Visas such as “Schengen and UK” may be accepted but its not recommended to travel considering Visa on arrival based on them.


If you have a Valid US Visa, then you can definitely plan your trip to Dubai with free mind and avail Dubai visa on arrival. But if you have don’t have valid US visa, its highly recommended to avail Dubai visa in advance here.

Dubai Visa On Arrival For Indians

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How I got 5 Years Multiple Entry Japan Visa from India?

Learn how I was able to score a valid multiple entry tourist visas for up to 5 years...

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How I got 5 Years Multiple Entry Japan Visa from India?!

How i got 5 years multiple entry visa from india!

Japan is one of the beautiful and at the same time most under-rated destination for Indians in my opinion. Not many Indians I have come crossed are much aware of the fact that what this beautiful country has to offer in the form of tourism. Lately, Japan this year has simplified visa rules for Indians and come out some pretty cool different categories where you get the opportunity to get long valid multiple entry tourist visas for up to 5 years and I was recently one of the lucky ones to score them!

Let us discuss first about all the various categories of different visa for Japan briefly:

  1. Short-term visa: This allows stay up to 90 days for tourism, business, attending conferences, visiting friends/acquaintance, etc., and it does not include paid activities.
  2. Single Entry visa for short stay with the purpose of tourism for Indians Students: In this category – students, graduate students & alumni (within 3 years of graduation) of universities in India are allowed to submit their certificate of student status or graduation instead of the document confirming their financial capability in the application for single entry visa for short-term stay with the purpose of tourism.
  3. Short-term visa Multiple Entry: This is the one of the most important category where the Japan government has come out with different application procedure giving the benefit of ease of documentations and more chances of getting long valid multiple entry tourist visas. We will discuss about in details later here.
  4. Medical Visa: This is mainly meant for services related to medical check-up and treatment. This visa is not only issued to patients but also to accompanying persons also if necessary.
  5. Transit Visa: As the name suggest, if you are transiting through Japan for tourism, sightseeing and simply at rest, you can get a visa for maximum stay up to 15 days.

For all Indian nationals who wishes to apply for multiple entry visa, any of the following possible categories can be opted:

  1. Any Individual who has travel records of “Temporary Visitor” to Japan twice or more in last three years.
  2. Any Individual who travel records as “Temporary Visitor” to Japan in the last 3 years and has financial capacity to pay the travel expense.
  3. Any Individual who travel records as “Temporary Visitor” to Japan and any of the G7 countries in last 3 years.
  4. Any Individual who sufficient financial capacity.
  5. Spouse or Children’s of the individual who has sufficient financial capacity.

If you have read all 5 categories above, then what it simply conveys is that If you have great international travel history or If you can show that have financially sound money (including savings & investments) then you can anytime can get the benefits of getting long valid multiple entry visa for maximum 5 years (for each stay up to 3 months)

I mainly gained the benefit of 3rd category under Multiple entry visitor. How it works? First, we need to know which all countries come in the part of G7 (full form for Group of seven):

United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & United Kingdom

What it requires in this category is any individual who has in past 3 years traveled to Japan and any minimum any one of these other 6 countries within past 3 years, he is eligible for getting the possibility of long valid multiple entry visa.

Now you would probably think, how does it benefit much as we have to go through all the hassle of showing long documentation! Well, let me jot down the what are the documents is required in this category:

– Covering Letter

– Application form (with Photo)

– Passport (with old passport if any)

– Copies of Previous visa and entry stamps of Japan travel + G7 country.

That’s it! Basically, they don’t need any of your documents. Your simple travel history is all what is required in this case!

In my case, I was already lucky to being travel to almost every single G7 country including Japan in past 3 years. The whole process was super easy, I filled the online application, took necessary copies of passport and visa stamps and went to VFS for documents submission. To my surprise, not even the VFS officers had much idea of what this category has to offer and it took them a while to extract the relevant category checklist and explore through the requirements. Since I was already carrying some extra documents, so they included my temporary flight ticket and one ITR copy along with my application and submitted my case. (Although it wasn’t required as per the checklist and was simply optional).  Exactly after 5 days, I went for my passport collection and got my 5 years visa stamp!

What most people also don’t know is Japan has one of the strongest passports in the world and having a visa from Japan definitely adds a lot of weightage to your travel history. Strong travel history sometimes surpasses the needs of showing financial savings in many visa cases and it becomes very ease to travel anywhere in the world without much worries of getting visa approvals!

I currently hold 10 years Multiple entry US visa, 5 years multiple entry Canada visa, 5 years multiple entry Schengen visa and 5 years multiple entry Japan visa and have traveled to all these countries and many other in last 3 – 5 years. Being having an Indian passport, it’s never easy to get long valid visas but there are people I know who travel internationally much often and simply don’t know how to reap the benefits of building their travel history. Even If you are not a hard-core traveler, just being knowing different ways of how international travel works, you always have opportunities open to building long travel history.

If you have not visited Japan before and planning a trip somewhere in near future, I would definitely recommend going for Japan! The visa process is easy and Japan is one the most welcoming country full of rich culture and advancement!

Various categories of Japan Visas for Indians 5
Conditions for multiple entry visa for Japan

Can Indians get Dubai Visa on arrival?

Learn the process on how Indians can now get Dubai Visa on Arrival...

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How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India? Fast & Easy!

How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India? Fast & Easy!

Canada is one the most popular destinations for Indians. Lot of people every year apply for Canada visa, sometimes to simply visit the beautiful country or sometime just to build their travel history which might help them later for better prospects at PR (Permanent Residency). Because of its popularity, there many companies across India offering guaranteed Canada visa services, but when it comes to visa, nothing is guaranteed or permanent and mostly these companies are fake or make fool out of people.

Its very important to understand the basics how you can apply Canada visa, especially their visitor visa. Once you know that, then opting for professional assistance services will be easy and convenient as you will know the person/organization offering their services is not selling fake hopes and giving the appropriate help which may be required for your case. Alternatively, you can also apply it yourself. But if you are first timers and don’t have any prior travel history, then its always advisable to go with professional help

There are 2 types of Tourist visa for Canada:

  • Visitor Visa (For tourism and Sightseeing)
  • Visitor Visa (For Visiting Family, Friends/acquaintance)
  • Online Application
  • Paper based application (offline)

The paper-based application is preferred one most widely used in India due to its convenience.

  • If you are applying for Visitor visa first time, then you need to give Biometrics and take appointment slot online for that at VFS Global website.
  • If you have already applied for Visitor visa before and have received a valid visa for which you have given Biometrics earlier (post Nov 2018), then you don’t need to apply for Biometrics again for next 10 years.
  • If you applied for visa before, given your biometrics, but visa got rejected. Then you need to track your biometrics validity through UCI (unique client Identifier) no. which is given in your refusal letter given by the consulate earlier.
  • If you are not required to give biometrics, then you can simply visit the application center during their business hours (without any prior appointment).
    • Visitor Visa Fees per person = 100 CAD (Rs 5,260 equivalent)
    • Biometrics Fees per person = 85 CAD (Rs 4,470 equivalent)
    • Assisted Service fees per person (for paper applications) = Rs 395

    The above 3 fees are usually mandatory fees charge for your visa application. Please consider some extra buffer price for currency exchange charge levied by the banks.

    Besides, if you are not required to give biometrics, then in case of Biometrics fees states above, you would need to provide:

    • Package Transmission fees (per package) = Rs 441

    Furthermore, there are optional services which you can opt at VFS application center as below:

    • One-way courier Service (Per package) = Rs 479
    • Short Message Service (SMS) Per applicant = Rs 132

There are 2 ways of paying visa fees:

  • Pay application fees online at official Canada Immigration website by creating your online account.
  • Pay directly at VFS center – In this, VFS pay online on your behalf using their official Corporate cards and attach their payment receipt. You then have to pay (ONLY IN CASH) at their cash counters. For this there charge extra service fees of about Rs 213 (including GST).

In the second payment mode, one has to keep in mind that if VFS try to pay the fees online on your behalf and the consulate website server is down by any chance, then you may have to visit the center again for second time. While for online mode, you can save time to pay when the server is performing well.

For visa application process, you have to first register online at the Canada Immigration website and fill out their application form very carefully and pay the fees there itself.

  • Temporary Resident Visitor Visa Application form (IMM5257E): you have to fill online, validate it, take form as well as bar code printouts. You also need to have the latest Adobe upgrade version DC Aug 2019 (19.012.20040) other you may find difficulty opening it.
  • Family information form (IMM5707): Applicable for age above 18, can fill both online or manually with BLACK INK only.
  • VFS consent Forms: 2 copies required, can be filled manually by black or blue ink
  • Schedule 1 form (IMM5257B): Applicable for navy or army background.
  • Use of representative form (IMM5476): If someone else going for the submission on behalf of applicant.
  • Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (IMM5409): In case of non-married couples applying, they should have lived together at least one year, have intermingled financial and other affairs.
  • Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (IMM 5475): If you want your spouse, family member or friend to check your application on your behalf.

   1. General for all applicants

  • Valid Passport (include old, expired passports), should be valid of proposed travel duration, 2 blank pages minimum.
  • Photocopy of front and back page of passport.
  • For Minors: – traveling without parents/legal guardians – authorization letter signed by both parents/legal Guardians.
  • For Minors: – traveling with 1 parent/legal guardian – authorization letter signed by another + photocopy of passport/Aadhar including their photo and signature.
  • IMM5257B form (if applicable)
  • Family Information Form (IMM 5707), fully completed and signed. Should be filled by black pen only.

   2. If one has prior US/Canada travel visa and history (in last 10 years), with travel stamps, financial proof is not needed.

   3. Visiting Family or Friends:

      – Proof of Financial Support

  • ITR (2 years)
  • Bank statements (6 months)
  • Employment letter, Pay slips, Pension proof, Business registration, Investment’s, etc.
  • Property proof/ personal net worth.

      – If sponsored trip:

  • Letter signed by sponsor paying + their passport photocopy + bank certificate proving sufficient funds. Bank statements (6 months)
  • Proof of sponsor relationship with applicant Investment’s, etc.
  • Above documents dated within 3 months of submission.

      – If you are Employed:

  • NOC [should include name, position, current salary, date of hire, employer’s (name, address, telephone number)]

      – If Retired:

  • Retirement certificate indicating amount of your pension.

      – If Students traveling outside of school holidays:

  • School letter confirming your standing reputation and approved absence leaves.

      – Invitee in Canada:

  • Invitation Letter (indicating purpose and duration of visit)
  • List showing no. of people in their household.
  • A copy of their immigration/citizenship documents.
  • Income & Financial proofs, includes – NOA (Notice of Assessments), employment letters, pay stubs, bank statements.
  • If inviter student, acceptance letter/ good standing of school.
  • If visiting family, proof of relationship with Canadian invitee (birth certificate, copy of marriage certificate etc.)

   4. Tourism and sightseeing:

      – Detailed Itinerary (including proof of air tickets and hotel booking)

      – Proof of Financial Support:

  • ITR (2 years)
  • Bank statements (6 months)
  • Employment letter, Pay slips, Pension proof, Business registration, Investment’s, etc.
  • Property proof/ personal net worth.

      – If sponsored trip:

  • Letter signed by sponsor paying + their passport photocopy + bank certificate proving sufficient funds. Bank statements (6 months)
  • Proof of sponsor relationship with applicant Investment’s, etc.
  • Above documents dated within 3 months of submission.

      –  If you are Employed:

  • NOC [should include name, position, current salary, date of hire, employer’s (name, address, telephone number)]

      – If Retired:

  • Retirement certificate indicating amount of your pension.

      – If Students traveling outside of school holidays:

  • School letter confirming your standing reputation and approved absence leaves.

Anyone from any state/city can apply all over Indian VFS center without any region-based restrictions. For scheduling appointments, you can either do it online or by phone or even chat system on their website. For people who don’t require biometrics, they can simply walk in anytime during business hours without any prior appointments.

Canada Visitor/Tourist visa process is not that complicated if you wish to do It yourself. What more important is how you prepare your documents and your covering letters. Every document you prepare and propose should contain all necessary elements which is required for visa officer in order to give your visa approval. In particular, your financials and strong reasons that you are willing to return back to your home country.

I always advise people to hire professionals. Doing it yourself may call for some unexpected errors which is usually covered by experience. But obviously that doesn’t mean not just hire any visa agent, but who understand the process and have prior experiences of dealing with different type of cases.

If you need my professional support, we also provide Canada visa assistance service for a very nominal pricing, the details of which you can find here: Canada Visa

Can Indians get Dubai Visa on arrival?

Learn the process on how Indians can now get Dubai Visa on Arrival...

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Travel Bookings Visas

What are dummy flight tickets? Can you use them for Schengen Visa?

What are dummy flight tickets? Can you use them for Schengen Visa?

Most of time people get confused when they read about the use of Dummy Flight tickets especially while applying for Schengen visa. Some of the questions which originate in everyone mind is:

  • Are Dummy tickets real or fake?
  • Are they legally allowed to use in Schengen visa application?
  • How and where to book these tickets?
  • Can you book them without paying money?
  • Are they similar to what is provided by airlines as hold tickets for 1-3 days?

There are many fears and doubts for people concerning the authenticity of these dummy tickets and how and where to actually validate this? as mostly everyone they come across have different answers. Also, there are people who simply get lucky using wrong dummy tickets and they then advise others to simply follow the process what they did. But, what is the correct process then to buy or arrange such tickets?

In order to understand this, we need to first understand the concept of dummy flight tickets.

A dummy flight tickets is simply a flight ticket showing actual details of flight journey which is confirmed but not yet issued to the customer. Unlike a fake ticket, a dummy flight ticket holds a valid PNR & Reservation code which are verifiable directly on Airline websites & Embassies for which you have hold the booking.

A dummy flight ticket is basically a temporary hold ticket with a valid PNR & Reservation code (which can be verified by embassy) while a fake flight ticket does not have either nor an e-ticket number.

Yes, Dummy flight tickets are officially accepted for Schengen visa application, however, some countries within Schengen zone where you are applying your visa, may require you to furnish actual flight confirmed reservation, so it is very important to select the right itinerary and right embassy at the same time.

  1. Finland: officially ask for Travel plan/Itinerary, so a dummy ticket would suffice that.
  2. France: officially ask for Reservation of a return ticket or travel itinerary, dummy tickets works here.
  3. Estonia: officially mentions that tickets should be bought only after visa has been issued.
  4. Luxembourg: officially mentions either reservation or tickets. (so, hold ticket reservation works)
  5. Netherlands: specifically mentions they don’t need a ticket (dummy flight ticket works)

These are just few examples of embassies which already accepts dummy flight ticket options, however, depending on your itinerary, you may have to find if the respective embassy you are putting your application, ask for only reservation or an actual flight booking! (as it may differ from country to country within Schengen states).

Now, we know that dummy flight tickets are widely accepted for visa applications, lets find out how to find and look for while buying these dummy tickets.

Before I explain you soon from where you get these dummy tickets, you have to first know how these tickets hold period works. These dummy tickets are basically reserved and hold by the authorized travel agents. The official processing time for a Schengen visa is usually 14-15 business days, so ideally the hold time for these tickets should minimum of 2 weeks from the date they are processed in the system.

However, there could be many agents who can hold it for a small period only such as 1 -2 days or sometimes 3 and they automatically get cancel within the system. (You must have seen this while booking air tickets online either by airlines or sometimes by third-party portals). Most of such customer buying these tickets have little or no idea about the impact it may cause on their visa application and by the time a visa officer checks their applications and wishes to check the validity of the reservation, the PNR or the Reservation Code may not work by that time and can cause suspicion especially for first time travelers.

Most people do such mistakes that in order to spend less money on visa assistance services provide by travel agents providing supercheap mouth-watering prices, they go for buying such tickets and end up getting visa rejections. What they don’t understand is they end up wasting more money on the embassy and VFS fees all total.

You may by this time also probably think, that you may have come across other people who too have bought and used such cheap services and even got breakthrough for visa approvals. Well in simple terms some people get lucky, because mostly visa officer is already convinced by either their strong travel history, or strong financials or simply official strong reasons to return to home country. In such cases, they sometimes don’t care to check the authenticity of such tickets. But, first time travelers can’t simply afford to take such risk!

We finally arrive to the point to know how and where can we buy such dummy tickets. Some of you may even ask, can we can get them actually free without paying single penny? Well you can but then as I mentioned little earlier, they can simply be exhausted in a day or two only. But the right answer is, it is something which cannot be done free of charge. But for small extra fees, you can get the right booking which can work best for your application.

There are two main ways of buying dummy tickets:

  1. Buy from a reliable travel agent.
  2. Buy directly online.

While searching online for right companies or right travel agents can be really time consuming. So, in this place, I suggest you go for directly with our company at @DreamsVoyager. Its easy and hassle free to book and pay online. 

Besides, the team also offers to provide free visa consultation and can suggest you the best way to prepare your travel plans and bookings. However, if you wish to opt for hassle free detailed Schengen visa assistance, you can also purchase our Schengen visa assistance packages here @Schengen Visa

Dummy flight tickets are one of the best ways to use against flight reservations especially when applying Schengen visa as it cost effective and save you a lot of money and tension. But at the same time, knowing the right approach and process is utmost essential thing and helps you get right visa approvals!

16% discount for 3 to 8 travelers

₹1,800 (24$)


flight and hotel booking for visa


₹2,400 (32$)

₹2,065 (28$)

hotel booking for visa


₹630 (8$)

cover letter 02


₹1,250 (17$)

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How difficult is to get Schengen Visa for first time from India?

Many people apply for Schengen Visa first time but not everyone get instant approvals from Embassy in India. Learn the insights on how difficult or easy it is to get Schengen visa for first timers.

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How difficult is to get Schengen Visa for first time from India?

How difficult is it to get Schengen Visa for the first time?

Almost every day I receive calls from people across all over India asking me out on the fears and possibilities of applying Schengen visa for the first time. Most of the questions I get:

  • I have never been outside India before; do I have chances to get it?
  • I have only been to Asia countries like Thailand, Dubai etc., do I have chances to get it?
  • I only have ITR for current year but don’t have ITR for previous years, will that be problem?
  • My official financial are less, but I can still afford, can I get the visa?
  • My family members can sponsor my trip, will that support my visa case?
  • I am self-employed but don’t have business registrations, can I build visa case?

I can keep on going and the questions can be literally endless. Thousands of people apply for Schengen visa from India ever month and its popularity are just increasing day by day.

Visa Questions

At the same time, you will also come across many heart-broken people when they receive visa refusal decisions and their dreams of visiting Europe are shattered in a single blow. It feels so bad knowing that even you can afford, knowing that all you wanted was to just travel your dream destination and come back to you home country to share the experiences back with family and friends and even though you were simply not allowed.  

Its true its feel sad, but one has to also understand that there are literally thousands of other fake cases which are applied from India just on the pretext of going there and overstaying and that why the consulate officials are very particular about checking your documentation in the strictest yet efficient manner.

But again, in order to be efficient, one first need to understand the concept of Schengen visa.

The Schengen Visa allows you to travel 26 countries. It is now widely known to most of the people in India. The steps are pretty much straight forward, you collect all your documents as per their document’s checklist, fill your application, assemble all your documents and submit them in VFS Global center closest your city.

In addition, there are two different way to prepare your case:

  • One way is to do actual prepaid bookings (Actual flight, hotel etc.) and submit with your other financial and employment documents.
  • Second is do only do temporary hold bookings, in which the money saving is pretty solid.

The second way is acceptable in most of Schengen embassies within 26 countries but few countries may expect you give completely secured bookings. (This is something you need to double check before you apply).

Moreover, there are two different way to prepare your itinerary:

  • If your plan being actual planned already, you can pick that Itinerary.
  • Or pick an indicative itinerary based on selecting the right best fit embassy for you.

The second step I usually recommend to most of the people. Since your travel plans within Schengen can change even after getting your visa, so its not a problem explaining the same to immigration officer and he also understand that very well.

Now as you have understood the basic concept, lets point out on how first timers can get their visa approval chances almost close to 100%.

  • Get your financials in place. Your ITR’s and bank statements plays a very important role in this. Your ITR’s gross income easily defines whether you can afford your trip or not. If you have ITR filed below 5-6 lacs, only plan 5 days trip. If you have 10 lacs, then a week trip. Likewise, the more you have the more no. of days you can plan. But If you are sponsoring your family trip, then you need to have more income filed in your ITR to fund their trip as well. If you are parents/family members are sponsoring, then financial should easily justify your trip.
  • You bank statement should not show sudden big cash transactions. It won’t work and would add negative to your case. Your cash flows in your bank statement should be justifiable as per your professional background.
  • You can also support your financials by adding your credit cards statements & audited balance sheets showing your immovable assets (if you are self-employed).
  • The next part is your employment documents. For people employed they should properly arrange their NOC (No Objection certificate) & last 3-6 months’ pay slips and keep in mind that all the documents should have necessary information about your position in current organization, joining dates, your entitled leaves of vacations and when will you be resuming back again. You can also attach your first and large page of your work contracts as it may also help.
  • For Self-employed, they company registration (GST certificates, if not then Shop and establishment registration or other government associations like chamber of commerce etc.) You need to also show your current bank statements as well. For Independent consultants, their contracts with the companies they are working or any other documents showing that you have professional ties back to your home country.
  • Your social ties are another important thing. If you are traveling with family then your relationship proofs, if you are visiting friends then their invitations letters along proof of your friendship such as photographs of event you have attended together etc.
  • Next comes is your documents related to travel. Your temporary flight ticket should have verifiable PNR number, your hotel vouchers should be genuine, if you can show your pre-paid vouchers of local travel plans, it will be an added benefit. You should also show a nicely designed day-by-day Itinerary which will support your vouchers and plans and will give confidence of your knowledge and Genuity to the visa officer.
  • Last but not the least, write your covering letters properly. Every visa officer reads your covering letter but at the same time they are very short on time checking every single application, so you have to make it short and precise summarizing all important points about your travel. In addition, you should also show your inter-Schengen destinations and their schedule.

If you are confident enough in preparing all the above documents in right professional manner then you should do the entire documentation yourself and you will definitely get your visa. But even then, I still always advise to hire a professional. The reason I say this always because when I started traveling myself, I did many such mistakes and learned from them eventually. Even though I had a keen passion of learning and understanding everything in details, I then lacked the experience in beginning which later came with time. So, if you can afford, hire a professional but find the right one who knows and have the understanding of preparing your case properly.

For professional support, we also provide Schengen visa assistance service.

Contact Us!

Everything is achievable even for the first timers if one has right understanding and knowledge to do it. Europe is full of amazing destinations and I share my best wishes for all those who are planning their trip soon to Europe. Don’t discuss much with other people, just follow the right logical mindset and go with it!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave your comments and I will be happy to respond them as soon as possible!

What are dummy flight tickets? Can you use them for Schengen Visa?

Learn about Dummy or temporary flight booking and their importance for schengen visa...

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How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India?

How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India?

Australia offers various visa type and categories, among which one of the famous one is their Tourist visa.

This visa allows you to visit Australia either for Tourism or to Visit Family or friends. Your can stay upto a maximum of 12 months but it depends entirely upon the wish of visa officers how long he wants to offer you the maximum duration possible and its also based on your past travel history and financial records.

Both online and offline modes can be used for applying visa. However, online process is more recommendable option.

If you wish to apply online, then you can pay the embassy fees in advance which cost AUD 145. (Equivalent to Rs 7,600) per applicant. There is VFS fees of (Rs 1,248) per applicant which you would have to pay directly at VFS center where you will go for Application. The average processing time is 18-24 days and can even extend to 30-45 days.

They are middle persons between the applicant and the embassy. The embassy outsourced their visa documentation handling process to them, where they manage all the documentation and passport collections and coordinating back and forth with consulates and embassy. This is where the applicant will submit their documents.

When it comes to documents, there are 2 main important universal points which you have to keep in mind. First – reason to justify you have enough financial means to support your trip, and Second – reasons to justify you will come back after completing the trip. If you can convince these 2 points to visa officer checking your case, then 100% chance you will get your visa!

Following are the list of standard/default documents, but its can vary from case to case:

  1. Valid Passport (also included previous one if any)
  2. Proof of name change (such as Marriage certificates)
  3. National Identity card/no. (Aadhar/ Pan card etc.)
  4. Notarized copies of your passport.
  5. Passport size Photo (2 recent – 45mm x 35mm)
  • Should have head and shoulders against plain background.
  • Name should be printed at back.
  1. If Visiting family/friends – Invitation letter, evidence of relationship and their passport.
  2. Complete visa application form (document also need to be attached online)
  3. Family composition form and evidences (proof of showing all family members applying)
  4. Covering Letter of the applicant (This is very important and should be simple, crisp and precise to the point)
  5. Flight Reservations (round-trip): We always recommend to use Actual confirmed tickets as the processing time can take up to 1 month (hold/dummy ticket wont work).
  6. Proof of Accommodation: Hotel Bookings
  7. Evidence of planned tourist activities in Australia (this is also required and works best if you could include)
  8. Travel medical insurance: (It is not that mandatory but always better to include)
  9. Detailed Travel Plan and itinerary
  10. Proof of Employment/Financial documents:
  • If Employed (NOC, pay slips, employment contracts, Bank statements, ITR etc.)
  • If self Employed (Business registration, bank statements, ITRs, Audit reports etc.)
  • For freelancers, retired persons, Students or Unemployed some additional documents may vary and will depend on case to case.
  1. Proof of sufficient means: Credit card copies, Foreign exchange endorsements etc.
  2. For Minors, written consent of parents or legal guardians along with their identity documents such as Aadhar/Pan card etc.)
  3. Previous travel history visa copies if you have any (particular USA/ Canada/ Europe).
  4. If the applicant is intending to stay more than 3 months: Chest X-Ray and medical Certificate.
  5. If the applicant age is more than 75 years: medical requirements from panel doctors after getting instructions from embassy.

Log in to Immi Account, go to your application, click on the ‘View health assessment’ link in the Applications Status section. If you need you to have health examinations, you will find a link there called ‘Organize health examinations’. There will be no link if we don’t need you to have health examinations. Click on the link and complete your medical history. When you complete your medical history, you will be given a referral letter containing an identifier call a HAP ID. You need the HAP ID to arrange your health examinations.

You need to submit all your documents at your closest VFS center with a prior appointment. Some points to know before booking it online:

  • Only one appointment can be booked per passport.
  • For example, if you are a family of 4 (2 adults + 2 child), you make 4 individual appointments.
  • You should arrive 10 minutes before your appointment slots.
  • For large groups traveling together, you have to contact the call center to book your appointments.

For collections, you can either opt for courier services (which are paid) or simply visit the VFS center once you get a notification of receipt of passport at VFS.

For Australia visa, documentation is the right key, the more accurate your documents are, the best case of approval you get. If you for any chance feel little less confident in preparing the above documents, we always recommend to hire a professional to prepare your case. (But obviously, finding the right professional agent/consultant also matters a lot).

For this we recommend to try our services with DreamsVoyager. We are team of professional travelers who knows the challenges an average traveler faces daily especially when its come visa applications and very well knows how to recommend the perfect approach in order to built the best case for approvals! For more details regarding booking and pricing, kindly click on the link given below:

For professional support, we also provide Australia visa assistance service.

Contact Us!

Australia is one the major tourist destination and people from all around the world visit there. Having an Australian visa also adds to your international travel history and helps you increase chances of getting visa from other countries as well. So dont hesitate, if your case is genuine and you wish to plan a trip soon then don’t need to wait anymore and apply for Australian Tourist Visa right away! 🙂

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How difficult is to get Schengen Visa for first time from India?

Many people apply for Schengen Visa first time but not everyone get instant approvals from Embassy in India. Learn the insights on how difficult or easy it is to get Schengen visa for first timers.

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