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Incredible Aerial views of Greenland!

Greenland, an epitome of arctic beauty, situated far northeast of North America, surrounded by Iceland, is one of those destination one dream to visit at lease once in their lifetime. This dream is still on my bucket list but not so recently, en-route to my journey to United States, I got lucky to grab some of the breathtaking views of Greenland.

This huge island, as you view from above, is practically surrounded all over with snow, but on the east and west coast, it offers spectacular views of mountains with natural pure blue water channeling their way through them and filled with icebergs or probably small or huge pieces of ice. The whole range of mountains looked as if they were covered with a neat white blanket of snow.


Watching these views were one the best experiences of my life and made me more curious to imagine how would it look to actually experience it from ground. It is expensive to visit Greenland, but maybe someday hopefully I will have the opportunity to witness these wonderful Island in real.

Have you seen any views of Greenland? Is it also on your bucket list destinations? Feel free to share your comments.