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My 5 best travel experiences!! What are yours?

The best part of traveling are all those amazing experiences you collect and cherish along your journey. It need not only be visiting Iconic places or 7 wonders, but it could be simply as having a good time with a local or maybe having a great nice local meal.

Below are my one of my best 5 travel experiences so far :
  1. Watching incredible fjords in Tromvik, Tromso, Norway
Tromvik, Tromso, Norway

As you may have read in my earlier posts, where I prepared my all time “winter bucket list” I want to accomplish in my lifetime, Tromso (Norway) was the first item on the do-list so I visited this place in March 2017 earlier this year. I did a day countryside tour where I was driving between snow-cap mountains and had the best time of my life watching those amazing fjords coming live in from my eyes. It literally felt a dream come true. I will be soon writing a post on the ultimate fjords experience so keep tuned for my upcoming blog-post!

2. Watching Northern Lights in Sommarøy, Tromso, Norway

Sommarøy, Tromso, Norway

Another unforgettable experience I had again in Norway. I went for a Northern light chase tour in night where I was in a group of 6-7 people with a real nice humble guide and we were chasing gaps between the clouds all the way to the borders of Norway and Finland to find those greenish northern lights which are dreams for many in their lifetime. Unfortunately the one I saw (as you can see above) were not that strong as once would expect, but still I was lucky to have a small glimpse of it. Overall the experience was really unforgettable. Stay tuned again on more updated on this as well!

3. Meeting locals and travelers along the travel Journeys.
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Made some amazing friends!

Every-time I travel, I meet someone on the way. whether they are travelers, locals and just random people. Its one of the best experiences of traveling. Sometimes the local you met take out time to show you around, sometimes the traveler you met tag along with you to explore the places together, sometimes you simply meet random people either on planes, trains, buses etc and get to know them and share some stories. It always amazing to know the culture, the life on the other side, the way they live, they way things goes around in their life (family /friends), or simply the generosity they share just to spend some time together, I believe its on the best part of traveling!

4. Food, Coffee and Ice-creams around the world.
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All Vegan/Vegetarian!

Another best experience of traveling is the food. Although I am vegetarian but even then it doesn’t stop me for trying new things. Doesn’t it feels amazing to try Indian samosa’s in northern part of Norway or try a green tea ice-cream in Japan, or try all types of Lebanese platters which sometimes varies a bit in taste when you try them in Asian countries like Philippines or European country like Greece! The food is the one thing every travelers just loves about traveling!

5. Watching Balkanish live concert in Bucharest, Romania
Bucharest, Romania

It was one of the lovely experiences I had during my stay in Bucharest, Romania. Along with 2-3 local friends, I went to see the Balkanish/Jazz like concert. (I also tried to made a video of it, but definitely I suck at it! 😀 ) The place was basically within the vicinity of a famous Hostel grounds with a real live-relaxing atmosphere where you can sit, relax, meet complete strangers, and at the same time enjoy events happening there and I was lucky to witness this amazing one!

Traveling is I believe is that inspiration which ignites the soul of our heart, its gives a directions to explore life, its a meaning that give purpose to some and its a journey full of incredible experiences. The above 5 experience lets say are just the tip of an iceberg, there are many more I have been through and many more yet to experience so tuned-in for more future updates!

And whats your best experiences. Can you recall the first 5 which comes to your mind? It would be glad to know them so feel free to share on the comments below! 🙂

“Travel is Journey of loving yourself, so dont be afraid and plan a travel today”