Do you feel happy inside? Or are you searching for your own happiness?


A fair simple but interesting question no? Everyone in this world is living and surviving for this simple fact – how to be happy! Most of the notable motivational speakers will come up with a very straight line – “Materialistic things cannot buy happiness”, yes so many people I see around myself are trying to hunt for this happiness in these very things except for few ones, but even those few have yet succeeded into finding their own happiness?

When I search on Oxford dictionary for the meaning of “Happy” the answer was – ” Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

Well it a very straight forward meaning, when we express feelings of pleasure or contentment from ourselves, it means we are happy. And how often do you feel that? Does it comes naturally within or do you look for them in things or people around you? and what happens when those people change or leave you, do you feel lost or empty inside?

  • I will broadly classify what I think are 2 types of happiness :
  1. Financially independent and happy. : The type where you are financially stable enough to earn your bread and butter and does not have to depend on anyone else.
  2. Spirituality complete and happy : The type where you are spiritually (meaning you inner soul) content-full and complete and does not long for anyone else around you.

Neither am I some intellect notable speaker or spiritual leaders (like Dalai Lama), I am just a simple ordinary guy who is trying to share my ideas of happiness which I may have starting finding from my own experiences. For almost all my life I have been living in pain, one I could not understand, afraid of being lonely and hunting for things that could just make me happy. I tried many new materialistic things, made some friends, fell into relationship and so on, but was I still happy? …Momentarily yes, as those things or people step back or changed, I felt into the shell of emptiness. Why? because I was looking for feeling of contentment from them!

Today I woke up in my home at Delhi (India), went for my late morning walk in the park nearby. It was a small park where I was taking multiple rounds of the periphery track and while doing so, on one corner, there were 2 young kids, I am guessing a brother and her little sister (probably not so privilege like I was), one of them was sitting on the bench and the other was on the swing and every time I crossed by them they saw and greeted me with a big fat smile! I might have taken 10-13 rounds (or may not even remember) but every time I crossed them, they smiled and I smiled back. Finally when I was about to finish, I went towards the bench to sat along with them and they offered me some plum fruits which their mother might have bought and given to them. (Maybe that’s the only brunch they had for today). When I started talking I realized they had been sitting since early morning here, enjoying this small park mostly by themselves and that’s the usual adventure they do mostly in the first part of the weekends. And then I realized for a moment, maybe they are not so financially privileged as I may be right now, but they are more wealthy in terms of happiness than I had been for a long time now. This was my small happy moment! And It was not because only they express themselves but it was when I decided to share the part where I was ready to smile and share my happiness to them!

Made 2 sweet  young friends today! 🙂

Life is very simple, sometimes we just over complicate life so much. Yes there will be problems, they will be hard times, but look around yourself, they are many things in life to appreciate about- the nature, the flowers, the food we eat, the sunshine, the rain – make a smile anyway, give a hug anyway. The problem with all of us is, we try to look  for happiness in others, rather, we ourselves should be the very source of happiness. We have to fill our souls spiritually and mentally happy and complete and move on with life without any expectations from others. Don’t expect but give and go on and have a little faith, happiness will come back to you in many ways you cant imagine!

What does happiness means to you? Have you find your own happiness? Feel free to share any comments! 🙂

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0 Replies to “Do you feel happy inside? Or are you searching for your own happiness?”

  • This is amazing and I am kind of proud of you (or is that odd to say?) now you just have to walk this path and find happiness in yourself. 🙂
    I kind of agree with you that we have to first find happiness from ourselves but after that I think it is important to share that happiness and find even more of it from others. No one can survive alone so we need friends 🙂

  • What does happiness mean to me?
    To meet myself to find that unending source of happiness within.
    But as they say that excess of everything is bad. I believe the source within contains satisfaction and not eternal happiness.
    So, my questions to me is am I satisfied 😌?
    And answer lies within me search for which is ON 🙂

    • That’s so true! In can totally relate to it! We can only be satisfied for sometime and then we look for something else. Eternal happiness is still unsolved mystery for me as Well! 🙂
      (Sorry for replying late, have been traveling)

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