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what is a JOB SEEKER VISA?

The job seeker visa for Germany is a Long-Term Residency Permit, which allows you to stay in the country for six months and look for a job. If at the end of the six months you have found a place of employment, you will be given the Germany work visa or a Germany work permit and you will be allowed to work and live there. Please note that having a job seeker visa does not allow you to start working immediately in Germany. It only means that you can visit the country and look for a job during your stay.

In order to obtain a job seeker visa for Germany, you need the following:

  1. Be eligible to apply
  2. Compile all the necessary documents
  3. Fill out an application form and book your visa appointment

Eligibility of applicants

The Germany job seeker visa requires its applicants to meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply:

  • Be of adult age. You should be at least 18 to apply for this visa.
  • Have an adequate qualification. You are required to have a Bachelor or Master’s degree from a German university or other equivalent foreign degree.
  • Experience requirement. You should have a minimum of 5 years of work experience to be eligible for the Germany job seeker visa.
  • Proof of financial stability. You should prove you can cover your expenses for the duration of your stay in Germany.


If you checked all of the criteria, then you’re one step closer to getting your visa.

job seeker Visa Process

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Step 1: Academic Verification

Having your university qualifications recognised in Germany

visa application

Step 2: Documentation

Arranging your documentation:

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Step 3: Visa Appointment & Document Submission & Interview

Booking an Appointment:

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Step 4: Post Approval Of Visa

After your arrival, officially register at an address and search for a job.

key facts

Processing Time

Step 1: Applying for a Statement of Comparability

  • The cost for this evaluation is €200 and can take up to three months.

Step 2: Job Seeker Visa Fees

  • The Germany Job Seeker Visa fee usually costs €75 (payable in local currency).

Step 3: Processing your Germany Job Seeker Visa at the German Embassy/Consulate

  • Visa processing will generally take 2 to 4 weeks from the date you submitted your application.

Proof of Funds:

  • German embassies and consulates generally require that you provide a bank statement of an blocked account with a balance of at least €720 for each month of the visa. For a six-month Job Seeker Visa, this is €4,320 (although this may vary depending on where you apply).


  • If the embassy/consulate does not require the funds to be in a blocked account, we recommend you provide regular bank statements for the previous 6 months that clearly show your name, balance and date on them.

Additional Facts:

  • Your CV and degree certificate should ideally be translated into Germany.
  • Travel insurance that is valid for 6 months can be provided by us with additional cost in package.
  • Additional evidence of preparations to secure a job
  • You cannot work in Germany with a job-seeker visa. Once you have found a job, you must change it to a residence permit/work Visa for employment
  • The Germany job seeker visa cannot be extended. This means if you are unable to find work during the time your visa is valid for (six months), you will have to return to your home country.