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How much traveling have you done in your life?

This is one of the questions I always ask every second person I met in my life. There are lot of facts one can easily find on internet or in various articles about how many people understand the meaning of travel but for me it always important to know from someone whom you meet in your everyday life. So what do you think how much traveling people actually do in their life?

Well to my surprise, almost more than 90% percent of the people I met have hardly done any traveling. Why? Because either they believe they don’t have enough time for it or otherwise they simply cant afford enough money to do any traveling. Travel for them was simply a luxury or merely unwanted use of time. And when they really get time lets say once in year or 2 to plan a vacation, they presume traveling to be as a black & white picture! What it means, that for them to travel, it has to be perfect scenario with best accommodations, best airlines, per-designed itineraries etc. and for that they usually pick any tour operator and opt for available group tours. I called it as a white side thinking. The black side would be opposite of it which means a totally low cost budget tour . For such people there is no grey area present for them. And they live with this mindset throughout their life.

What do you think how do these people find their happiness then? well the easiest answer would be shopping, movies, clubs, home decorations, beauty salons, spas …list can be really long or they would find their passion in boosting about high end luxury cars or their hoards of investments.

Lets talk about another 10%. These are the people who find their ways to travel from all the varying circumstances of their life. These people usually look life from that grey area where the travel part does not means to be a unique or expensive experience which only certain people can afford. But what led to these 10% help to change their outlook of seeing the life of travel?

When I started to travel couple of years back, I thought for that moment I was doing something out of the ordinary and unique. But when I went to new destinations and met new people, I realized travel is the most down-to-earth experience one can experience in their life. You will tend to see and meet people from all age groups and ethnic religion who are just traveling to experience the life on the other side. Every country or city has its own life and to experience that life in the form of buildings, nature, food, people was just life-changing in-itself. This very realization helped me changed my outlook to believe that traveling can be a part of living your life.

As far as money is concerned, its all about setting your priorities and changing the mindset. Spending less on materialistic approach and saving more for your travels, if you truly desire to travel, you will find your way out accordingly. There is no rocket science behind it. It simple willingness to pursue your travel dreams.

Our life as it says is a very small part of the whole universe  merely a stardust. The future is always unpredictable, even though you try to work hard and save more today, you can never be sure in the face of nature how long you will live or how your life will actually turn up. Our life is really short, you only have chance to live once, so the question is, do you really want to live the same old usual life which you are living now and want to pursue a life full of amazing experiences!!

So tell me how much traveling have you done in your life?

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