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Are you window seat flyer? Whats your best memory of window seat view?

As a traveler I always love flying on airplanes and my first and last choice is always window seat. Being on the top of the world, watching the views as the planes take off and land, getting the glimpse of the city and its life, watching the clouds play around you, it has always been one of my most unforgettable moments!

My best memorable window views has mostly in places around Europe. Whether its Aegean sea or Norwegian Sea or snow wrapped fjords or just a neat blanket of white-blue clouds, I have always cherished the views! Below are some of the few collections :

A closer view of Helsinki, Finland in the midst of snow
view over Oslo, Norway (Gives a more stronger feeling)
View over Tromso, Norway (it was bit cloudy, but the fjords were incredible)
view of Aegean sea, while on the way to ‘Santorini’
Another view over Aegean Sea (Its a little foggy but Istill loved it)
View over Germany (It felt like taking a bath over city) 😀

There were many more I did captured in my eyes but unfortunately didn’t have them in my camera, but hoping to find more in my upcoming trips in near future!
So, as the title says, Whats your best memories of the window seat view? Are you actually a window flyer or Aisle one? 🙂