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Thinking Of The Life You Have Chosen? Make A Bucket List & Live One!

Thinking Of The Life You Have Chosen? Make A Bucket List & Live One!

Most of us, at some moment of time, must have thought doing something new in our life, something out of the routine, something silly, something stupid or some left over wish which you wanted for so long. But what happened? Why did we left these thoughts or wishes on the way of our life journey? And why are we keep doing this even now?

For a long time, I always dream to visit Paris and see the Eiffel tower one day. It was a far fetched dream for me living in India as I always thought, that the life I have chosen today was actually given to me by the circumstances wrapping me all around. To me it felt like an extraordinarily dream in my ordinary world. On the other hand, I was per-occupied in the race of chasing career goals, earning money to establish myself and feared risking myself for such a dream will only be foolish thing now. So, scrapping this thought I moved ahead towards my normal life and tried to keep myself happy by involving into all those materialistic activities, you know like shopping, movies, investments, home improvements, gadgets etc. you name it!

But, somewhere, even after doing all such things, I could never felt that moment of happiness inside. It felt as if I was tied up in my own restraints. It was like a black and white feelings where inside it was lacking the blend of colors. So one day, while reading a magazine, I bumped on the this idea of “Bucket List” which people has been doing nowadays. (For those who don’t know what it means – Its a list of all those things you want to do in your lifetime before you die). After learning what it meas, I thought for a moment what harm in making my own bucket list, even for fun! So I finally sat down, opened my notepad, picked a pen and just wrote down all those things I so wanted to in life. And from the moment when I started writing till the end of that list I could literally feel the goosbumbps and streak of excitement which was rolling all over my body,¬† as if, I was really going to do all these things in real. But was I? I kept that list with me for a while and again moved on in my usual day to day life. But, I just could not let go this amazing feeling of accomplishing all these things in real. And to be honest, how could I? It was my only ticket to start living my life again.

So, finally I decided to plan a small euro trip to Paris and once for all cross the first item of my bucket list. After re-searching for few months and planning, I finally went for it and believe me the happiness I experienced just cannot be expressed in words!!


From this moment there has been no stopping and I am still chasing my dreams. All you need sometimes is patience and faith. If you keep your life and needs simple, you can even pass all the financial restraints of life.

In the end, I would like to leave you with a nice quote I picked up from a movie called “The Way” where a 40 year old guy (who recently quit his doctorate & going to accomplish a pilgrimage trail in Europe) was with 60 years old father (and a famous surgeon) in his car who was dropping him at the airport. His asked his dad to accompany him on this trail along with him but his dad denied saying its the life he chose to live…..After few days his dad received a call while he was playing golf that his son passed away and the father finally left everything to complete the journey which his son left behind.

The quote was :

” You Don’t choose a life Dad……you live one!”