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Singapore’s Breathtaking Supertree Groove (Man Made trees)

Have you ever wonder to visualize a futuristic mechanical paradise originating from the concept of sci-fi movies we have been watching all the time? Well you don’t have to imagine it anymore! Thoughtfully designed by Singapore government is the astonishing waterfront gardens known as Garden by the Bay which consist of stunning vertical supertrees  mechanically constructed in a way that the whole area radiates into green natural paradise!



These Supertrees, also termed as, ‘Supertree Groove’ is located right inside the Gardens by the bay. These gardens are further situated in the central part of Singapore adjoining the Marina reservoir.



The complete central area of Gardens by the bay consists of 18 Supertrees from a height ranging from 25m(82ft) to 50m(164ft). Each tree is further divided into 3 segments:

  • The core is made of Reinforced concrete.
  • The trunk is made of steel frame which is covered with planting panels on top to act as a living skin for plants.
  • The canopy, whose branches are design in the form neuron wave network radiating outwards on the top.

More than 100 thousand plants consisting of numerous species and varieties of Orchid, ferns and climbing flowers are planted on them.


Interconnecting walkway

The Supertrees are also connected together with an interconnecting 128m long elevated walkway (also known as ‘OCBC Skyway’) which enables visitors to walk and explore the breathtaking views of Gardens and Marina Bay Skyline of Singapore.





The Supertrees have self-sustainable solar energy which is generated by photo-voltaic system installed among 11 of them. This energy further aids in providing electricity which is used for illuminating the trees at night.


DSC_0341 (2)

DSC_0320 (2)DSC_0329.jpg

The large canopies that provide shade in the day and come alive with an exhilarating display of light and sound at night. The entire design is transformed into a theme of mesmerizing vertical garden concept which is amazing to experience.

The supertree Groove and the entire Gardens by the bay is one of the best illustration of exemplary architecture masterpiece design ever being constructed and came to existence. No matter how many times I have come back to visit these gardens in Singapore, I had always got lost in the spectacular beauty of their stunning designs. And thus, I definitely recommend for every traveler or person to visit and experience this paradise at least once in their lifetime!

DSC_0311 (2).JPG

Click on this link to check my video compilation of beautiful Supertree Groove.

Have you been to Singapore? What was your experience? or do you wish to visit Singapore to see this design yourself? Feel free to share your comments!