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Experience splendid luxury with a crush of British Charisma!

As a Traveler, I have done extensive traveling in and around Europe, have stayed in all types of accommodations ranging from luxury hotels, top hostels or even best rated service apartments. I have no stereotypes or pre-defined pattern, I like to experience everything, even when It comes to the taste of Luxury and Opulence. Its an experience of well defined art, a blend of innovative colors and design which adds to the utmost comfort of the human touch.

Last month, in my pursuit of exploring destinations along road trip from Germany towards France and all the to Italy, I had the opportunity to stay at “Frankfurt Messe Premier Inn”. Its one of the recent installment from the famous British company called “Whitbread”.


With amazing selections of light shade colors, artistic approach of playing with shapes and designs, calm and soothing ambiance where they have tried to nurture their perspective in detailing even the smallest interior elements, thought-provoking quotes all around to welcome you, each and every space designed with a provocative idea keeping their authentic British vibe with a blend of European lifestyle, the whole experience of our stay there was simply auspicious.


To many travellers, Frankfurt means skyscrapers, banking and trade fairs. Yet there’s a whole different side to the city: Get festive at one of Germany’s oldest Christmas markets, so many endless museums on each street, sample some authentic German food (and beer!) and make the most of Frankfurt’s extensive shopping opportunities. With Premier Inn Frankfurt Messe so well connected to the airport, the city center and Frankfurt old town, it’s a great location for a short break.

  • S-Bahn (overground) – 0.70 km
  • U-Bahn (underground) – 0.80 km
  • Bus – 0.20 km
  • Great location: just a few minutes’ walk to the fair.


Frankfurt Messe Premier Inn is one of the Premier Inn hotel chains of UK which, not long ago, was opened in Frankfurt, flagging first hotel of the brand in Germany. Our first impression of the hotel was really astonishing, light colorful pendant lights at the front lobby takes your gaze towards the front desk where you are stuck with thoughts of admiring and reading the beautiful letters inscribed on rear wall in a really artistic manner.


The side view of from the entrance lobby overlooking the lounge area was also interesting giving you a quick peek of beautifully arranged interiors at every side.

As I was in the process of checking into my room, I already knew by this time that my heart was set to have the most comforting experience for the next few days of my stay.


The lounge is a perfect space designed in a classy and distinctive way, where the designers have thoughtfully planned each every segment with extreme small details and at the same time balanced the integration of the whole lounge atmosphere which blend in together with bar area on the corner.


view from Bar area looking towards Entrance lobby

The sitting area facing the windows towards entrance, has a series of long sofa chairs with a beautiful selection of ceiling lights illuminating in different light colors. The whole area was nicely decorated to attract different social gatherings where anyone can simply enjoy their drink or meal while enjoying the smooth laid back-comfort of the sofa sitting.


An interesting feature of the complete lounge area were there book-shelf partitions which also has added shelves on every interval displaying small decorative features or antiques.


While on the other side, just adjacent to bar, was the lounge area consisting of comforting tables and chairs providing a different style of sitting to suit accordingly to everyone taste or choice to relax and feel comfortable. In my opinion, it was best suited for someone who would like to do a quick meeting or to simply grab a drink and work on their laptops while enjoyed the warm feeling of lounge at the same time.



The bar area within the lounge was another feature of the special glamour of the hotel. Illuminating all around with circular shape ceiling light hanging from above, it felt as it brought the whole atmosphere again into new life.

One of the thing I enjoyed most was to grab a drink while sitting in the front of bar and gazing there colorful streak of lights as if it was creating beautiful magical rhythm.


On the right side of the bar, just one the corner, was a nice linear table with high chair  sitting which was beautifully illuminated with alternate black and yellow colors of ceiling light hanging on the table top. The rear wall, however, on the other side added much to these decorations with “Menu” of the type of drinks and meal available to opt there.



The designers kept a special focus in mind segregating the restaurant area from the lounge, but at the same time designed in a way to easily integrate with the views of lounge cum bar area.


The restaurant seating inside was intrigue and fascinating, something different to offer to people coming from collective memory of design elements from the lounge area. On the longer side of wall contained the huge longitudinal display of different collections of interesting book which was just astonishing in appearance.


while on the other side of wall had a colorful display of different figures of alarm clocks design with specific quotes marked on them in both English and German language which was interesting to read.


Another thing which really catch my eyes was their collective designs of hanging ceiling lights which seems very artistic with the overall interior design.



Although the rooms comes with a standard design, but they were well appointed with comfortable bed, side tables, tea/coffee units, television, free Wi-Fi etc. with plenty of space to store your luggage.  Adjoining the bed was laid back relaxing sofa chair which was comfortable enough to get even a quick rest!


The bed was warm and cosy and provided the best comfort of having a sound rest and sleep. On the side wall of the bed was beautiful designed wallpaper which added a nice touch to the room decorations.


The hotel has some really fine touches, like the classy slogans of “William Blake” showcasing modern decor and offering best views of Frankfurt city.

Frankfurt’s Premier Inn provides spot on facilities, artistic and thoughtful designed interior architecture, with their special focus on human psychology of comfort, their centralized location & close proximity of shopping mall and fine dinning restaurants, imbibing the overall feel of luxurious lifestyle, its an unique experience which every traveler should try while journeying through the city of Frankfurt in Germany.

Click on this link to check out my beautiful compilation of the hotel!