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2 Days In Edinburgh : A complete Guide

Fascinating history, baggage of culture, attractive views, delicious food and drink – capital is one in every of those cities with a small amount of everything and my first-timer’s guide to capital has everything you must see and do throughout your initial visit.The Scottish capital is simply detonating with charm and it’s manageable size makes it the right weekend town break destination.

Edinburgh is one in every of my favorite cities within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and was an apparent addition to my excellent 2 week itinerary of the united kingdom. I’ve put together a detailed overview of my favorite pastimes in Edinburgh. We think 2 days may be a large amount of your time to pay in capital – maybe as a weekend break, or as part of a longer trip exploring the UK and Scotland.

Of course, you may pay far more time attending to understand the town, however 2 days will definitely allow you to see several of the highlights of capital

A 2 Day Edinburgh Itinerary

This itinerary is ordered on fairly logical, with 2 full days of exploration within the town, covering a number of the most attractions.There’s lots more to see and do in the city of course, so check out the resources at the end of the post to help you plan your perfect trip to Edinburgh! 🙂
Day One
1. Explore Edinburgh Castle
We’re about to begin our 2 day Edinburgh itinerary with a visit to the beautiful Edinburgh Castle, which perches fantastically above the city, and offers a wonderful panoramic view of the city and surrounds.
The castle is home to a variety of exhibitions and artefacts from Scottish history, including the Scottish crown jewels. The castle is also where the 1pm gun is fired every day, so if you do have a chance to be there for this then do, as it’s quite an experience.
Edinburgh Castle

2. Go Whisky Tasting

Scotland and Whisky are intractably linked.

Scottish strong drink is my favorite spirit, and whenever I’m in capital I’ll forever notice time for a drop.

You can do this of course just by popping into pretty much any pub in the city, but if you want to learn about the process of making whisky, as well as the various regions of Scotland and the flavours available, then the Scotch Whisky Experience is where you need to head.
Here you’ll journey through the Whisky creation process, as well as learn about why Whisky from different parts of Scotland tastes different. Finally, you’ll be given the opportunity to taste one of four whisky flavours, before taking a look at the largest Scotch Whisky collection in the world. You can book your tickets in advance here.

Whiskey Tasting Tour
St Giles Cathedral

3. Drop in at St. Giles’ Cathedral

Also on the Royal Mile, about a third of the way down from the castle, is St Giles’ Cathedral. Both the interior and exterior of the cathedral are stunning, but the highlight in my mind is the little Thistle Chapel, home to the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle.

The Order still exists today, and is overseen by the current British Queen, Elizabeth II.

All that aside, the Thistle Chapel is just gorgeous, stuffed full of lovely wooden panelling, and very much worth taking a little bit of time to see, as is the rest of the Cathedral.

4. Walk Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

All the recommendations so far have been along the Royal Mile, the lovely stretch of interconnecting streets which run from Edinburgh Castle down to Holyrood Palace. It’s not exactly a mile long, but it’s near enough, and is filled with a variety of attractions, from the above mentioned, through to souvenir shops, restaurants and pubs.

There are also a number of gorgeous buildings, churches and monuments along the length of the street, all of which contribute to making this a worthy way to spend half an hour or so of your day.

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

5. Visit the Free Museums in Edinburgh on the Royal Mile

Since you’re on the Royal Miles, you should definitely take advantage of the many free museums that you can find along it’s length. Some of our favourites include the Edinburgh Museum, the Writers Museum and the Museum of Childhood.

6. Climb Calton Hill
Towards the end of the day, I’d suggest you head up Calton Hill.

This is a beautiful spot for a read of town and might be found at the east finish of Princes Street. This hill is home to a series of monuments, including the National Monument of Scotland, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Parthenon in Greece. Which makes sense, because that’s what it was modeled on. Up on the Hill you may additionally notice Nelson’s Monument and also the Royal Observatory.


From here you can watch the sun set across the city, with the mountains in the background, which is ample reward for the effort required to climb up.

Day Two

7. Visit Holyrood Palace

At the alternative finish of the Royal Mile from capital Castle is Holyrood Palace, that is wherever we’re about to begin the second day of our 2 day capital itinerary. Holyrood Palace is that the official residence of a people monarch in Scotland. Although the Queen herself only spends a week in a year here – most of her time in Scotland is spent up at Balmoral.
When the Queen isn’t here, the Palace is employed for visiting dignitaries, different members of the royal house, and in fact, as a traveller attraction, being open daily. It’s worth checking however that there isn’t someone of importance staying, as the palace closes to visitors when fulfilling its main role as an official residence.
Holyrood Palace
self guided tour

8. Visit Dynamic Earth

If you like fun, interactive science museums, then Dynamic Earth is a must-visit. Right next to the Scottish Parliament building and underneath the stunning backdrop of the Crags and Arthur’s Seat, Dynamic Earth tells the story of the history of the Earth.

We really feel it has something for everyone. From a time machine ride into the past, to a spaceship simulation that takes you right to the Big Bang itself, this is an educational and fun experience that we think is fun for the whole family.

9. Hike Arthur’s Seat

One of my favourite things about Edinburgh, other than how magnificently walk-able the city centre is, is that just a stones throw from Holyrood Palace, the Parliament Building and Dynamic Earth is the ancient volcano of Arthur’s Seat, part of the 640-acre Holyrood Park.

This 251 metre high peak offers spectacular views of the city and surrounds, as well as nice hiking, sunset and sunrise views, and the walk is easily manageable right from the city centre.

10. Follow in JK Rowling’s footsteps

For Harry Potter fans, Edinburgh’s a touch of a pilgrim’s journey website – it’s wherever author JK Rowling lived and is jam-packed with places that galvanized her.There’s Victoria Street that became Diagon Alley and also the Hogwarts-style martyr Heriot’s college.Some of the names on the graves in Greyfriars Kirkyard may look acquainted too.

You can also stop off for a drink in The Elephant House Café and Spoon Café where she wrote parts of the books.

Walk Through Street

When to Visit Edinburgh

Like much of the UK, Edinburgh has variable weather, so you need to be prepared for everything from rain to sunshine. Layered clothing is the key to a successful trip.

Be aware that being fairly northerly, Edinburgh has generally cooler weather than the southern cities in England, although it does rain less than Glasgow. There’s not really a bad time to visit Edinburgh as there is so much going on throughout the year, but if you prefer better weather and longer days to explore by daylight, then visiting in the summer months is preferable.
Of course, visiting outside of those months can mean it’s quieter, but avoid August as accommodation because it may be more pricey due to festivals going on.

Getting to and from Edinburgh

Edinburgh is very easy to get to. Flights operate to Edinburgh airport, both nationally and internationally, and the airport itself is around six miles outside the city centre, and easily reached by airport bus or with a taxi service like Uber.

The terminal in Edinburgh has quick rail services to London (around four and a half hours), and is magnificently located directly underneath the castle.Emerging from the rail station and being confronted by the beauty of Edinburgh for the first time is something you’ll never forget.
You can additionally drive to Edinburgh. Parking is feasible within the center, and a car will let you get to attractions outside of the city, but isn’t generally needed for day to day sightseeing as Edinburgh is very compact.

Where to Stay in Edinburgh

Edinburgh encompasses a big selection of accommodation choices from hostels to mid-range hotels to luxury properties. We’d advise finding a city centre hotel, that way you’ll be able to walk to all the attractions in this list and save on taxis or public transport fares.

If you’re travelling in the busier time of year, such as during the August Festivals or around New Years Eve, you’ll definitely want to book as far in advance of your trip as possible to be sure you find somewhere that suits. Our favourite way to find the best deals on accommodation when we travel is We find they sometimes have the simplest deals across a large vary of properties, together with hotels and residences, and area unit very easy to use. We can also recommend apartment rentals as an option.

We also have a page full of travel packages, which includes Europe best deals. 🙂
Hopefully these resources will help you plan your trip to Scotland’s capital Have a great time, and as always, if you’ve got any questions or comments, just get in touch! 🙂
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Traveling the world with weak Indian Passport!

International travel is such a fun loving lively dream that everyone who loves traveling wanted to do more and more of it, but is it as easy as it sounds for everyone around the world?


I got my first opportunity to do a business trip to Europe in 2013. At that time I have no understanding or know-how to travel abroad, but with my curiosity I wanted to learn more and more about it. So like every other person, I started searching – watching you tube videos, blogs, articles but most of the success stories I read about were mostly from the people with a strong passport which I believe by default were already given the perks of International traveling. It was as if, they don’t have to worry about that first very foundation of it.

Today in my Indian passport, I have a valid tourist visas of US (10 years), Canada (5 years) & schengen (4 years) along with travel history of all strong visa checking countries like Japan, UK etc. Sounds like an easy-peasy? Well for some people this could be far fetched dream and for some people might not even know the essence of it (because all they need is to pick up the backpack and just hit these destinations anytime).

Indian passport at present is one of the weakest passports in the world, with bunch of only few Visa-free OR visa-on-arrival countries options, its even far more difficult to get a visa especially when you are applying in the developed countries. On top of it, every-time you apply for a visa the cost may vary anywhere from 90$-160$ which is also non-refundable if you get a refusal. (and yes there are so many people here who get refusals everyday).


And if you get a refusal on your passport, the credibility of your passport goes to rock bottom when you apply elsewhere next-time.

Besides, the amount of documentation that had to be arrange for any single application takes a load of time and efforts itself. A general thumb rule of documentation includes at least the following:

  • Cover letter & Application form duly filed, signed with latest photos
  • Salary slips (3-6 months)
  • No Objection certificate from Employer (if you are employed)
  • Bank statements (3-6 months)
  • Income tax returns (2-3 years)
  • old & Current passports and visa copies
  • Confirmed Flight tickets (yes they have to be confirmed!)
  • confirmed Hotel/accommodation bookings.
  • Marriage certificate (if you are married)
  • Detailed Itinerary plans

It varies a bit from applying country to country. But mostly some will require more than what is mentioned on the top list. There are some countries though which allows you to enter with valid US, UK, Japan, Schengen visas like Taiwan, Turkey, Philippines etc but it really doesn’t solve much of your travel needs.

The real question however, for people with weak passports is how to get long validity visas or how to increase the credibility of their passport, something I did for myself as I mentioned earlier!?

Honestly, as simple as it means, you have to travel more and more to maintain the best travel history. US is the only country which allows Indians to provide 10 years multiple entry visa at a cost of 170$-175$. It sounds expensive, but with the US visa, the credibility of your passport increases a lot. Afterwards, once you started to travel and apply visas in more and more countries, eventually you build a trust factor with your passport and so the journey becomes a bit easier later on.

But really you have to be a travel freak to get to that status. After getting about different 10-15 Schengen Visas stamps in the past 4-5 years (along with actual travel which were even more times) I was able to grab a 4 years long term tourist one but most of the people told me I was simply lucky.

For someone who loves traveling, they always found a way to work things out. I always try to see things from the positives side sometimes. Having a weak passport push me out of my comfort zone to find ways and learn new things everyday. It broadens the vision to see both the hard and easy sides of the travel and simply to appreciate what we get in life is best for us! 🙂


Do you have a strong or weak passport? Does visa applications play important role in your travel? Do take a moment to share you comments!

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My 5 best travel experiences!! What are yours?

The best part of traveling are all those amazing experiences you collect and cherish along your journey. It need not only be visiting Iconic places or 7 wonders, but it could be simply as having a good time with a local or maybe having a great nice local meal.

Below are my one of my best 5 travel experiences so far :
  1. Watching incredible fjords in Tromvik, Tromso, Norway
Tromvik, Tromso, Norway

As you may have read in my earlier posts, where I prepared my all time “winter bucket list” I want to accomplish in my lifetime, Tromso (Norway) was the first item on the do-list so I visited this place in March 2017 earlier this year. I did a day countryside tour where I was driving between snow-cap mountains and had the best time of my life watching those amazing fjords coming live in from my eyes. It literally felt a dream come true. I will be soon writing a post on the ultimate fjords experience so keep tuned for my upcoming blog-post!

2. Watching Northern Lights in Sommarøy, Tromso, Norway

Sommarøy, Tromso, Norway

Another unforgettable experience I had again in Norway. I went for a Northern light chase tour in night where I was in a group of 6-7 people with a real nice humble guide and we were chasing gaps between the clouds all the way to the borders of Norway and Finland to find those greenish northern lights which are dreams for many in their lifetime. Unfortunately the one I saw (as you can see above) were not that strong as once would expect, but still I was lucky to have a small glimpse of it. Overall the experience was really unforgettable. Stay tuned again on more updated on this as well!

3. Meeting locals and travelers along the travel Journeys.
BeFunky Collage
Made some amazing friends!

Every-time I travel, I meet someone on the way. whether they are travelers, locals and just random people. Its one of the best experiences of traveling. Sometimes the local you met take out time to show you around, sometimes the traveler you met tag along with you to explore the places together, sometimes you simply meet random people either on planes, trains, buses etc and get to know them and share some stories. It always amazing to know the culture, the life on the other side, the way they live, they way things goes around in their life (family /friends), or simply the generosity they share just to spend some time together, I believe its on the best part of traveling!

4. Food, Coffee and Ice-creams around the world.
BeFunky Collage
All Vegan/Vegetarian!

Another best experience of traveling is the food. Although I am vegetarian but even then it doesn’t stop me for trying new things. Doesn’t it feels amazing to try Indian samosa’s in northern part of Norway or try a green tea ice-cream in Japan, or try all types of Lebanese platters which sometimes varies a bit in taste when you try them in Asian countries like Philippines or European country like Greece! The food is the one thing every travelers just loves about traveling!

5. Watching Balkanish live concert in Bucharest, Romania
Bucharest, Romania

It was one of the lovely experiences I had during my stay in Bucharest, Romania. Along with 2-3 local friends, I went to see the Balkanish/Jazz like concert. (I also tried to made a video of it, but definitely I suck at it! 😀 ) The place was basically within the vicinity of a famous Hostel grounds with a real live-relaxing atmosphere where you can sit, relax, meet complete strangers, and at the same time enjoy events happening there and I was lucky to witness this amazing one!

Traveling is I believe is that inspiration which ignites the soul of our heart, its gives a directions to explore life, its a meaning that give purpose to some and its a journey full of incredible experiences. The above 5 experience lets say are just the tip of an iceberg, there are many more I have been through and many more yet to experience so tuned-in for more future updates!

And whats your best experiences. Can you recall the first 5 which comes to your mind? It would be glad to know them so feel free to share on the comments below! 🙂

“Travel is Journey of loving yourself, so dont be afraid and plan a travel today”