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Thailand Full Moon Party!

Parties are something everyone love to do in almost all around the world. Everyone find different ways to enjoy, sometimes cultural, rave, classical, the ideas seem endless. They spark the wave of excitement in our heart and boost us to live that moment with utmost desires of joyfulness and happiness. Full moon party is one of those parties where people travel to from all around the world with only one goal to enjoy the night in full swing along with high dance beats and luscious drinks.

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When and how did it all begin? The first full moon party took place somewhere between 1985-1988 (the exact year no one really knows) at paradise bungalows on a birthday occasion. It was celebrated with so much fun that it gained more importance eventually and now have turned up to one the famous dance cum music festival around the world.

Where does it take place?  The full moon party take places at the night before or after every full moon throughout the year and attracts almost 30,00 people every month. It usually originates at ‘Haad Rin’ at the island of ‘Koh Phangan’ which is about 3-4 hours from Surat Thani province and 30 minutes from ‘Koh Samui’ Island by boat. The event has become so prosperous that there are now even Half-moon, Full moon and Black moon parties also being celebrated.

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Haad Rin is basically a peninsular beach located on the southernmost part of the Koh Phangan Island, a tourist town which has everything to offer for a tourist holiday. The ‘sunrise beach’ to the north is where the full moon party takes off. Since it can sometime become crowded during the event, most of the people take Koh Samui as their base for accommodation and take ferries to Koh Phangan. After celebrating their night, they turn back via the same ferry toward their way back to Koh Samui.

How is the event celebrated?  The full moon night-life events are usually celebrated on the beachfront spots. As the day move forward and after taking a relaxing sun bath on the beaches of Koh Samui or Koi Phangan Islands, the tourists began to get ready for the ultimate experience. The burning excitement in their heart is flaming into their eyes as they approach towards the glooming nightfall, the moon finally curves it way towards the dusk, turning itself in yellow and emerging over the white sand beach, the preparations began to start as the tables began to line up over the land, its ironical to even imagine at the very moments how the whole ambiance is going to light up into something magnificent!


Most of the pubs, restaurants, bars and nightclubs began their decorations in the approach of attracting as many customers they can. From temporary set stages to vast musical instruments decks, one could notice the legions of countless DJ’s landing aboard, ready to tune up the night into musical beatdown. The immeasurable genres of music including techno, trance, drum and bass, reggae to commercial dances, R&B, hip-hop or rock manifolds itself into the slightly sparkling colorful dust of air and soon the whole magic begins.


With the first shake of cheers, more and more drinks are poured, the buckets are pass along with different groups, the hands are up in the air and with every second multitude of high beats people tends to turn more wild and excited. As the evening progresses itself tuning up into an aggravated night full of fun and pleasure, the fireworks began to emerge taking the entertainments to its next level. Juggles and fire-eaters step forward to entertain the crowds with their spectacular and dazzling displays. Raging beam of fire streaming from their mouth, rounds and rounds of burning flames blazing into the dark, people watching and dancing across, the whole party seems to consummate entirely in-itself.


Although the party goes all night in the wait for the sunrise, people usually tends to break in between, and find some places to chill-out or grab a meal on the beachfront restaurants or they simply find a place around the sea front and just enjoy the fresh air of vast gulf of Thailand. Relax and refreshing as it may feel, the heightened excitement still streaming into their body, the sound of infinite beats per second showering into their ears, flow of crazy happiness exuberating from their laughs, the magical feelings of fun seems endless in everyone heart. There are no barriers, no limitations to the extent they can dance and enjoy and with only one attention to make the best of the night from the unlimited desires of their hearts.

Although, no matter how ravishing it may sounds, the full moon party does come with some downsides of which one really needs to beware. Following among are couple of prominent things to be taken care of before setting of the all-night party:

  1. Stay away from fire-rope: When the fireworks begin during the night and fire jugglers come across to start their activities, one of the most flagrant activity performed is the ‘fire-rope’ which is basically a skipping rope set on fire. Lot of people who are usually high on alcohol try to dodge through this activity and tends to attain fire burns on their body and in some cases, may end up in hospitals as well. This is something best fit to be enjoyed and experience from a fair distance.


  1. Drugs can land you up in Jail: Although illegal, but still drugs are common thing that can be found easily in a full moon party. Other than side effects it usually brings along, taking drugs is against the law and if caught one could easily end up in Jail. Sometimes unknowably, during dances, the buckets are usually pass along in which some people intentionally place the drugs inside the drinks just to see how will people respond to them. So, it’s important be aware while having fun during the night!


  1. Shoes can be life saver: Yes, it can be really life saver to wear shoes rather than being barefoot, the latter may feel more tempting in white sand. The main reason behind it is basically there could be many broken glasses which can cause major bruises on your feet. So, as they say, precautions are better than cure, it’s better to be prepared with full cover feet’s and have fun freely during the party.
  1. Sea walks can be really annoying: Most of the people enjoying during the full moon party are mostly drunk or high on alcohol and for them, sea usually becomes an easy target for their toilet breaks. Therefore, it highly essential to keep in mind to stay as much away from going inside the sea and it can really become an annoying feeling in the end.
  1. Fashion clothes is definitely not good option: The full moon parties are one the colorful glooming parties around the world which means spreading colors and body paints. People usually tends to cover up themselves in colorful body pain by the end which can really ruin their expensive fashionable clothes. So, it is always best to wear as simple as you can to have worry free night full of fun and enjoyment.
  1. Staying close to beach can benefit much better: Partying all night can sometimes be really exhausting. As the morning come closer and the hangover pitch in, it’s always much more comfortable to stay in accommodation closer towards the beach. One can enjoy and have fun and at the same turn back into their hotels whenever they feel best for it. Although, the beach facing hotels could be a little extra budget on the pockets, but it’s still worth shot of having best fun out the full moon night.

Full moon party is one of the craziest party packed with loads of fun and excitement. Not only backpackers, but people from all ages and from around the world gather together to make the best of the amazing night. But still however, the majority of it is mostly influenced by group of young people. A tradition which set it foots in 1980’s is now emerging to be one the biggest events around the world. Set- up in one the small islands of Thailand, surrounding by the sea, the beauty of the night is just magical. As its emerging to be more and more famous among people, it has further opened doors towards the ideas of many other parties across the Islands.

We as human being are one of those species who always strive to make the best enjoyment of our life. The full moon party is the one colorful event worth every penny to experience at least once in lifetime!

Have you been to Full moon party? How was your experience? or Would you ever want to experience? Please feel free to share your comments! 🙂

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Incredible Aerial views of Greenland!

Greenland, an epitome of arctic beauty, situated far northeast of North America, surrounded by Iceland, is one of those destination one dream to visit at lease once in their lifetime. This dream is still on my bucket list but not so recently, en-route to my journey to United States, I got lucky to grab some of the breathtaking views of Greenland.

This huge island, as you view from above, is practically surrounded all over with snow, but on the east and west coast, it offers spectacular views of mountains with natural pure blue water channeling their way through them and filled with icebergs or probably small or huge pieces of ice. The whole range of mountains looked as if they were covered with a neat white blanket of snow.


Watching these views were one the best experiences of my life and made me more curious to imagine how would it look to actually experience it from ground. It is expensive to visit Greenland, but maybe someday hopefully I will have the opportunity to witness these wonderful Island in real.

Have you seen any views of Greenland? Is it also on your bucket list destinations? Feel free to share your comments.


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Traveling the world with weak Indian Passport!

International travel is such a fun loving lively dream that everyone who loves traveling wanted to do more and more of it, but is it as easy as it sounds for everyone around the world?


I got my first opportunity to do a business trip to Europe in 2013. At that time I have no understanding or know-how to travel abroad, but with my curiosity I wanted to learn more and more about it. So like every other person, I started searching – watching you tube videos, blogs, articles but most of the success stories I read about were mostly from the people with a strong passport which I believe by default were already given the perks of International traveling. It was as if, they don’t have to worry about that first very foundation of it.

Today in my Indian passport, I have a valid tourist visas of US (10 years), Canada (5 years) & schengen (4 years) along with travel history of all strong visa checking countries like Japan, UK etc. Sounds like an easy-peasy? Well for some people this could be far fetched dream and for some people might not even know the essence of it (because all they need is to pick up the backpack and just hit these destinations anytime).

Indian passport at present is one of the weakest passports in the world, with bunch of only few Visa-free OR visa-on-arrival countries options, its even far more difficult to get a visa especially when you are applying in the developed countries. On top of it, every-time you apply for a visa the cost may vary anywhere from 90$-160$ which is also non-refundable if you get a refusal. (and yes there are so many people here who get refusals everyday).


And if you get a refusal on your passport, the credibility of your passport goes to rock bottom when you apply elsewhere next-time.

Besides, the amount of documentation that had to be arrange for any single application takes a load of time and efforts itself. A general thumb rule of documentation includes at least the following:

  • Cover letter & Application form duly filed, signed with latest photos
  • Salary slips (3-6 months)
  • No Objection certificate from Employer (if you are employed)
  • Bank statements (3-6 months)
  • Income tax returns (2-3 years)
  • old & Current passports and visa copies
  • Confirmed Flight tickets (yes they have to be confirmed!)
  • confirmed Hotel/accommodation bookings.
  • Marriage certificate (if you are married)
  • Detailed Itinerary plans

It varies a bit from applying country to country. But mostly some will require more than what is mentioned on the top list. There are some countries though which allows you to enter with valid US, UK, Japan, Schengen visas like Taiwan, Turkey, Philippines etc but it really doesn’t solve much of your travel needs.

The real question however, for people with weak passports is how to get long validity visas or how to increase the credibility of their passport, something I did for myself as I mentioned earlier!?

Honestly, as simple as it means, you have to travel more and more to maintain the best travel history. US is the only country which allows Indians to provide 10 years multiple entry visa at a cost of 170$-175$. It sounds expensive, but with the US visa, the credibility of your passport increases a lot. Afterwards, once you started to travel and apply visas in more and more countries, eventually you build a trust factor with your passport and so the journey becomes a bit easier later on.

But really you have to be a travel freak to get to that status. After getting about different 10-15 Schengen Visas stamps in the past 4-5 years (along with actual travel which were even more times) I was able to grab a 4 years long term tourist one but most of the people told me I was simply lucky.

For someone who loves traveling, they always found a way to work things out. I always try to see things from the positives side sometimes. Having a weak passport push me out of my comfort zone to find ways and learn new things everyday. It broadens the vision to see both the hard and easy sides of the travel and simply to appreciate what we get in life is best for us! 🙂


Do you have a strong or weak passport? Does visa applications play important role in your travel? Do take a moment to share you comments!