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Our Pricing

Choose the option below which suits best with your requirements.


Dummy Flight booking for Visa
1700 (22$)
  • Any multi-city booking (upto 5 flights)
  • Confirmed Bookings upto 2 weeks (verifiable by all Embassies)
  • Can be used for all visas including Schengen, UK, Canada, US, Japan etc.
  • 8-24 hours Delivery
  • 16% discount for 3 to 8 travelers
  • 37% discount for 9 to 9+ travelers
Best Seller


Temporary Hotel booking for Visa
1200 (16$)
  • Up-to 3 hotel booking for max. 7 days
  • Hotel bookings valid upto 2-4 weeks
  • Can be used for all visas including Schengen, UK, Canada, US, Japan etc.
  • 8-24 hours Delivery
  • 16% discount for 3 to 8 travelers
  • 37% discount for 9 to 9+ travelers


Dummy Flight & Hotel booking for Visa
2000 (26$)
  • Any multi-city booking (upto 5 flights)
  • Up-to 3 hotel booking for max. 7 days
  • Can be used for all visas including Schengen, UK, Canada, US, Japan etc.
  • 8-24 hours Delivery
  • 16% discount for 3 to 8 travelers
  • 37% discount for 9 to 9+ travelers


Actual Travel Insurance from India
  • Widely accepted for Schengen Visas
  • $50,000 Coverage
  • Starting price of Rs 990 applicable for age less than 50 years
  • Price of Rs 2000 applicable for age between 50-70 years old
  • 8-24 hours Delivery
  • Travel duration of 15 days included in price.


Preparing letters for Visa documentation
1000 (15$)
  • Applicable for all countries
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Permanent Residency Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • Exchange Visitor Visa
  • Medical Stay Visa


Visa consultation for visas
  • Consultation provided for visitor visas for all countries
  • Fee applicable for One time consultation
  • Review your financial and work documents (offline)
  • Provide shortcomings in your case (if any)
  • Provide chances of your visa approval
  • Provide suggestions on your financials documents
  • The service is applicable for one time consultation and review and is not applicable for the complete visa process.
  • Can be adjusted with full Visa service later
  • Consultation provided on phone, email and also in person at our office.


Preparing Appeal letter for Schegen visa refusal
  • Detailed Appeal letter as per your case
  • Includes document list to be attached with appeal letter
  • Review your rejection letter and study your previous application and supporting documents
  • Provide shortcoming in your earlier application causing Rejection
  • Advise possible solutions or alternative (if any)
  • Includes editable file
  • One time delivery
  • Any Further revisions will be charge extra


Preparing travel itinerary for visa applications
1250 (16$)
  • Applicable for all Visas including Schengen, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc.
  • Included detail day-by-day travel and sightseeing plan.
  • Can be designed as per your actual bookings
  • Can be designed as per our temporary bookings.
  • Provide suitable options of booking local sightseeing tours.
  • This is only visa applications and not meant for actual travel.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The flight reservation are need for diplomatic officer to check your departure and return dates with travelers names and to cross check your route schedules and intent of traveling.

Yes all our reservations are 2 way verifiable using PNR and Airline reference codes provided in the itinerary (Reservations).

1st way verification by traveler through (Airlines reservation code/PNR) on airlines (websites)

In brief through (Airlines reservation code) travelers can verify their reservations on airlines website providing their last name and Airlines reservation code till time limit by airlines. Few airlines do not provide online verification but its completely fine as it can be verified on GRS system.

2nd way verification process which is specific for travel agents, Airlines and Embassies etc. Providing (Reservation code) on Global Access Reservation System for worldwide flight and hotel bookings.

Yes they are genuine bookings and 100% confirmed which can be checked directly by calling to hotel management.

The standard processing time is 8-24 hours  (Mon-Sun).  If you require urgent services, we can also do provide that with an extra cost.

You will get them directly in your email provided while placing the order.

First of all write all the dates and locations very very carefully. We recommend to let us know your mistakes immediately because once your itinerary delivered on your email so we can’t make changes in existing one itinerary because airlines and hotels don’t allow the modification in existing one reservation.

Yes you can! Kindly mention your preferred airlines while booking the online form for placing order. We will give priority to your selected airlines, but if we are unable to find availability in your chosen airline then we will go with the next available airlines for you.

Yes, we are providing flight and hotel bookings for any country in the world.

All of our provided itineraries are valid for up to 72 hours to up to 2 weeks time duration. Every airline has different times to hold a reservation for a particular time period not allow us to extend or hold for a longer time period.

Travel agencies or agents don’t have control over the airlines, but we ensure you that we don’t cancel any reservation on our end until airlines do itself. We always want to build a good relationship with our customers.

No this is not allowed by airlines. You would have to place a new order again.

Yes, based on your requirements, we provide the best suitable option for travel insurance which is widely excepted in Schengen visa application.

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