Best 3 airports in Asia for sleepovers and entertainment!

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I love airports! …Well, but this is not applicable to every other person who is stranded for long layovers, finding a place to fit and sleep off the night. And sometimes you tend to find a bench or recliner but eventually you are woken up one of the security staff and then you have to wander again with your shady eyes wondering can I really afford a good sleep today!

Its true that you cant really bet on every airport for your sleepover, but there are and always exist some airports where you can really plan you sleepover trips with free mind! Below is the list of the famous one which exist in Asia :

1. Singapore Changi Airport : Singapore changi is one of the huge airports consisting of three terminals (1,2 &3) all of which are interconnected with each other. Its is one those modern airports where entertainments is literally free for the visitors, which means, you can watch movies in theaters, explore there beautiful gardens and greenery or hover around the never ending shopping mall and shops. Wi-Fi is free and unlimited so you dont need to worry about burning your data as well!

Butterfly Gardens

Prominent sleeping options :

  • You can easily locate a lot of resting zones or snooze lounges, where they have provided reclining seats. Nevertheless, there are decent amount of benches, chairs and lounge areas which are good enough for taking a night sleep.
    Image credit : Changi Airport Group
  • In each terminal, there are transit hotels available, so if you can shed some money from your pocket, then hotels can also be the another great alternative.

2.  Seoul Incheon Airport : Seoul Incheon is also one of the largest airports in Asia. One can easily find good English speaking staff here and the airports itself have plenty of sleeping space and different activities to get involved in. Being one of the busiest airports, lot of travelers use this as their sleeping base and even bring along their pillows and blankets! As far as entertainment is concerned, they have golf courses, casinos, various gardens, museums and culture centers and even free tours to opt for!

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Prominent sleeping options :

  • There are relaxation lounges for travelers. Other than that, one can easily find recliner chairs, massage chairs and seating throughout is decent, fine and comfortable.
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  • Transit hotels and lounges are located inside the airports for all those people who can afford!

3 Tokyo Haneda Airport : The Airport has three terminals with two domestic (T1 and T2) and one international and all connected by a underground walkway. The airport has many facilities with convenience stores, shops and modern friendly areas for sleeping and the staff there are usually co-operative for tourist sleeping overnight. Most of the eating joints all available 24-hours so one really don’t need crave for hunger pans in the middle of night. In addition, the airports itself have huge markets spaces available and one can really enjoy their time exploring those places itself. and yes, they also have free Wi-fi with mobile charging spots, so no worries burning your data!

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Prominent sleeping options :

  • There are sleep cabins inside the airport where you have a sound night sleep. Besides that, they are good amount comfortable couches and armrests where you can lay down and relax. butterfly-garden butterfly-garden
  • They have an interconnected hotel inside the airport and some of them are located not far away. There are best suitable for affordable travelers.

For the people like myself, who really love traveling to distant locations, long hauls sleepover at airports can really save a lot on your pocket and at the same time you get to travel the world. But having a general awareness of which are the best airports suitable for your needs, you can really make your journey pretty easy and comfortable!

Have you ever slept in airports? (I am sure most of you must have). So please share your experiences of which airports have you done sleepovers, how was your experiences or which are the ones you would recommend from your side! 🙂

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