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Discover A Life, Experience A smile, Live A Moment In This Time!

Discover A Life, Experience A smile, Live A Moment In This Time!

When was the last time you did something which had been a real living experience in your life? What if you could go on for discovering a new place which you always dream in life? Imagining a moment where you could walk on The great wall of china or watch The northern lights in Iceland Or go on a Trek to famous “Machu Pichu” in South America or watch “Whale watching” on your way to arctic Or watch the famous sunset in Santorini in the vast Aegean sea….looks like a dream?

The Great Wall of China at Sunrise
The Great Wall of China at Sunrise
Northern lights in Iceland in December over looking a lake
Northern lights in Iceland over looking a lake
The city Machu-Picchu,Peru
The city Machu-Picchu,Peru

Well, there was a time when I always used to think about that elusive “If I could have” thought round and round, again and again, while regretting for so many things I always wanted to do or wished to visit in life, but was always struck with in our so called mechanical world which we live in everyday or the financial or social fears that surrounds us all time. Its like a viscous circle, you wake up in the morning, go for a morning walk or jogging, fetch a cup of tea or coffee, pick up a newspaper, get freshen up and leave for your work, slogging your day off between  the bureaucratic world and then returning back in the evening all tired up, filled with the world of insecurities and debts of your car or home and all materialistic things which you feed on everyday and finally had the dinner with your family talking about all the pending things or future investments which rule your very own world all the time.

Typical Work-Family Life Concept
Typical Work-Family Life Concept

But, what if, for a moment, you believe that things can be different or non – predictable? what if you except these fears and strike a pin on that rolling viscous circle to make it stop for a moment?

Well, to be honest, the life around you in which you are living is not going anywhere for too long, but, the one thing which has to come to end once for all is you, your own life! For sure we never know when that journey will end, but when the day finally comes, the only things which you will remember will be your regrets!! Nothing else matter and nothing else will go away with you.

Its a choice you have to make, to step out of your comfort zone, take a step out of the usual box of life, and start discovering a life around you by going to places you have never been before. Whenever I travel to a new place anytime, I always try to visit places in local buses, or metros or trains, try to meet new people or just watch the moments happening around which shape itself in this new fabric of this very place. Capturing the smiles of people whether they are kids playing on the rainy streets of Delhi or a group of friends sharing their evening time along the Bay of Manila,  or a couple standing in front of glowing Eiffel tower in night looking at each other with shining happiness or of an old man in his 60-70s waving a smile of achievement while walking the small famous hiking trail of Santorini Island or maybe a live wedding couple hugging each other in front of a church in Zurich….its feels like re-living the life itself.

Couple Getting Married in Zurich, Switzerland
Couple Getting Married in Zurich, Switzerland

Well if the idea really coins your mind, I would like to leave you behind with a nice inspirational quote to start perusing your travel dreams :

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float; to gain all while you give; to roam the roads of lands remote; to travel is to live.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

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Travelista Journal
7 years ago

absolutely! The most important thing is to enjoy life, to be happy- it’s all that matters.

Anubhav A
7 years ago

True 🙂