“COLMAR”: France’s Fairyland

Colmar Through canal view

Everyone just curious about travelling to Paris & London, yet there are many small villages in France & Europe offers a unique & unspoilt glimpse of ancient Europe, untouched by modern development tracing back to Medieval Period. For me as an avid traveler between Germany, France and Italy it was a first time visit to the . I have a weakness for canal side cities – Annecy, Bruges, Amsterdam, and Venice. Nevertheless, one of my all-time favorites is in France’s Alsace region, a city overflowing with half-timbered medieval buildings and flower-lined canals. So when I got my all ears that Colmar is even more colorful, had even prettier buildings, more flowers and more scenic canals, how could I forgo a visit?


Colmar is just situated on the border of France and Germany and near Switzerland, Colmar is a fairytale French town that offers a mesmerizing insight into the last 1,000 years of European history.

Colmar is a real gem in the Alsace. The town has a very well perpetuate city center and a picturesque division called ‘Little Venice’, which is touristy with colorful timbered houses and little canals. I spent 4 days in Colmar so what I liked is a perfect explanation here for you to use – if you are in love with small towns and looking for peaceful holidays and decide to visit Colmar in France.

Colmar: A walk to remember
Colmar: A walk to remember

How to Reach Colmar?

Colmar is very near to city of Strasbourg. You can find a direct train connection to Colmar from Strasbourg, which is 35 minutes ride, make sure that you sit on the right side of the train and enjoy the highly captivating and stunning views of the Mountains amd countryside landscape. Additionally, there a numerous low-cost flights from the closest airport; the Euroairport in Basel and Zurich.


For our stay in Colmar our only interest was being centrally located so that we could make the most of our visit. After doing, a little research online I found Airbnb Apartment, which is highly rated, based on reviews, so it seemed the obvious choice given their location right by just a short few minutes’ walk to all the shops and center of town. The apartment was extremely generous in size; I would definitely recommend this to travellers on a mid-range budget in Colmar

Airbnb Apartment In colmar

Things to do in Colmar France

  1. Stroll Down the old Town

Walking the streets of Colmar is like watching or living in those childhood fairy stories, which has come to life or presents a real picture of all. There is a wooden steeple just perfect for Rapunzel to let her hair down from, tiny cottages that would make the perfect home for seven dwarfs and a candy-colored bakery Hansel and Gretel. The Strasbourg and Colmar are placed in such a way that is where France meets Germany and the two cultures come together to create a unique mix – think of it as France with a twist. Just when its Bonjour and Hallo!!

Like a fairy tale, right?
Another pretty street

Colmar doesn’t have huge list of must-see museums or attractions –But what it does have is scenic spots by the bucket-load. You might need to pack an extra memory card or two – I cannot remember the last place where I took quite so many photos. Everywhere you look there are small houses painted in pastel shades, wooden shutters, wooden windows, twisting cobbled streets and window boxes overflowing with blooms. It is the perfect place to meander around and see what is there in the box.

Colmar by night

I was under the dilemma that locals must be really and justifiably proud of their homes, and everything is neatly painted and preserved. Some are decorated with lamps, clocks and hearts – then there are a few who’ve have taken it to the extreme by hanging bikes, chairs, Santa Claus and who knows what else out front. In Colmar, it seems your house is an piece of artwork in addition with a place to live which is worthwhile to spend rest of your life. Houses are also mixed with cute boutique shops selling local produce like chocolate and wine as well as art and antiques. Some of them have ornate and beautifully carved signs hanging over the street to show what they sell. Then there are waterside cafés and more souvenir shops to relish your cravings to preserve Colmar in your home.

Decorative shop fronts


It is just a look around and you will find picturesque building in the center of Colmar, but things reach peak prettiness in the area nicknamed Petit Venice. Colmar’s Little Venice is where you will find that picture-perfect to get clicked row of half-timbered houses painted in shades of pink, yellow and sky blue. The houses here are homes or quarters for many tanners, butchers and fishmongers lived. The story goes that different colors were used to display the different types of businesses – so if you were a fisherman your house would be blue, or a butcher would have a red house.

Colmar’s Petit Venice

For a different experience and views of Colmar, you can take a boat trip. Many visitors only spend a day in Colmar, but if you have time to spare its worth staying for at least more nights. Colmar is also a great base to explore the Alsatian wine route where some of the area’s delicious Rieslings are grown, with pretty Eguisheim 7km away by bike. When its dawn or you can also call blue hour, with soft street lighting and perfect reflections in the still waters of the canals, the fairytale is real.

The perfect blue hour
Of course, Colmar would not be complete without an Ice cream

It is one of those few places in the world that you can visit and ultimately feel the urge to remain there for the rest of your life. We have traveled to various parts of France and the world in general, but there is no other place in this country or anywhere else where I or any other visitor can feel like a fairy tale World

I hope that our guide has helped you to answer all your questions. In addition, if not, please feel free to pop some more in the comment section below. We will try to help in your planning. Until then, enjoy your travels!

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