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Does long term solo travel feels lonely?

Does long term solo travel feels lonely?

Most of us when we starts traveling, either within our native country or abroad, we always try to pick our travels by making return trips to places or countries which are also cheap and easy to plan accordingly.  For some it makes sense by the amount of holidays we get while working in a company/organization or studying in an institution. But what if you have the chance to actually experience travel for long term – staying for months or even years – and making travel plans in between. I know most of some famous travelers out there (storming on Facebook and Instagram) are even doing that by doing freelancing works and picking local part time jobs or simply doing regular successful blogging and trying to work about their money while traveling.

Non Stop Travel
A concept of traveling for longer duration non stop.

I tried this experience for the first time as my current job often allows me to work from home and I decide to do some weekly trips within my own country and abroad by picking up random places and switching to over to new ones in between coming back and forth to my own native city whenever my works requires. I wouldn’t deny that no doubt how smart you plan your things, you may end up spending some money along the way (which I was mentally ready for it). But trying this new random traveling for a little long while, was it really worth the experience?

I think I would say I had mixed feelings. I was meeting new people almost every evening, trying to sometimes experience life from their eyes. And the rest part I was exploring everything on my own. There was sense of extreme free feeling while explore local places, food, concerts, events etc. But then there was a part of me who felt alone or lonely sometimes, as if I am on the run and nothing stays with me ever. Most of our life are usually cyclic but when you are doing these long term traveling, the life becomes actually moving forward all the time. You meet people, make friends, make experiences, and then move onto another. There might be very few only you sometimes keep in touch while on the move but for how long? A normal life feeling usually revolves around circle of people and things you are doing everyday which may also provide you emotional security but that something you may always miss when it comes to long time travel.

However, on the other hand, its may still be question of debate! Even when it comes to meeting people, I had made some really good friends through travel (though very few) but they have been more close to me now rather than ones who stays in the same city where I live. I believe it solely depends upon on both the individuals how much keen they are to keep in touch and that can also happen when you are actually living in the same native town for so long.  Similarly experiences, I think travel is also another way of healing your inner self sometimes. It detaches you from the toxic thoughts of your life and fills your heart with some peaceful and amazing content-full experiences which in a way give great moments of happiness.

But then, why do feel lonely sometimes when we do these solo travels? If I ask this myself, then I believe its not the travel which makes us lonely, but the fear of connecting with our own self! We have made ourselves so much dependent on our day-to-day work life and dissolves ourselves mostly in  social and family cycles that surrounds us every time that we cannot imagine a life without it sometimes. And in those solo-moment with hardly no understanding of dealing with them we get stuck with feelings of emptiness inside and we sometimes starts doubting whether these travel decision were the right one to pick or not!

Traveling, short or long terms are always an amazing experience and I think key to best travel lifestyle is find a right emotional balance between traveling and your own life! It does varies for different people and we can only realize when we start experimenting such random experiences. At the end its all about feeling content-full inside your heart!What do you think, would you feel alone or lonely if you had travel for a long while or what was your experiences if you have already done such long term traveling?

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float; to gain all while you give; to roam the roads of lands remote; to travel is to live.”
- Hans Christian Anders

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