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Are You Scared To Travel Abroad?

Are You Scared To Travel Abroad?

Sounds too silly to say that? Well it’s not that easy for most of the people out there. For the one who has never travel, they always live with the misconceptions and the anxiety and fears that engulfs their mind all the time. The main obstacle is the panic and anxiety which over rules our mind and bombard us with numerous questions such as:

  • How can I afford to travel abroad?
  • Even if I could, how would I travel alone?
  • Even If I decide that, what If I may get lost on the way?
  • What if I fell into a scam and become lost and stranded in a new country?
  • What If I am stopped at Immigration for scrutiny and I have no experience to tackle?
  • What if I lost my passport in the new country, how would I come back?
  • What if I fall sick and how would I take care of myself?
What If

The list goes on and it will never stop. Why? Because some people are born with fear and anxiety issues. To some it might look funny, but for other it’s the hard fact of life. But again the real question is, can you really find the courage to overcome them?

I remember, when I had the first opportunity to travel abroad alone, I was too scared to even think about it. On one hand I was too excited with idea of traveling to a new country for the first time in my life, but on the other I was dealing with my own anxiety and fears that I was anticipating beforehand and was find hard time to deal with it. I was unaware of the fact that I was feeding my own fears everyday thinking about the things which didn’t even happened yet. But, since I was determined to accomplish this opportunity, I decided to use my anxiety and find the answers of the questions which letting my down.

So, I Finally sat down one day with a piece of paper and pen, and wrote down all the questions or problems which came to my mind. After I was done with this exercise, I picked all these questions one by one, and started to think the counter-effective measures I could take to avoid such problems. So I started googling all these questions on internet in my spare time and that is where my actual preparation for my journey started. In the process, I hop on to many travel forums, wrote up questions to the locals of that country and the fellow travelers there, who came up with their own ideas to help me out with the situation. I felt that as if it was a whole new world altogether and for a moment I realized I never had to feel alone on my travel adventure.

One of the example I recall, when I fall sick in my first trip abroad, I was pretty scared. Even though I bought some medicines from back home country, I was finding hard to recover. I thought that the pharmacy won’t provide any medication without prescription and it would be expensive as well as difficult to find a doctor in this new destination.  So I went to one of the travel forums, and wrote to down a question of the exact situation I was facing. To my surprise, within few minutes only I received 3-4 replies from different people with all the exact solutions I have been waiting for. One of them told me to go the nearest Pharmacy and try explaining him/her the symptoms I have been facing. They told me that either they would provide me with right “Over the Counter” medication which are allowed to in their country and if not, they would themselves try to help me out for Doctor on call, ambulance etc. So I gave a shot, and I was fortunate enough to recover with the “Over the counter” medication I have received.

You are not alone

So in similar manner, this is how I learned to overcome the fears and anxiety of traveling abroad to new country. And sometimes, there will always be naysayers, shedding all the negativity in your way such as these exercise can be waste of time or it might not a productive approach to follow in your life…etc… But the real deal is, these type of over confident people are sometimes in-capable themselves to deal with such situation.

The bottom line is – It’s okay to be scared when it comes to traveling abroad, but the moment you start taking baby-steps to solve your fears, there would be no stopping for you ever!! 🙂

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