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One of my recent article last month grabbed a feature in the internationally acclaimed “Backpackers Magazine“. It felt like a proud moment and I am happy to write and share my stories with the world out there!  Travel writing is actually fun don’t you think?  To write about our experiences, to depict our moments with various pictures we take along the journey and to simply guide other people along the way.

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The article is about my experience of staying in the Wombat’s Hostel in Munich. I was doing a summer road trip in Germany,France and Italy earlier this year and Munich was my starting point. The hostel was situated exactly in the city centre and I was really amazed with architectural design and friendly calm soothing spaces it had to offer. I took some time out to capture the some shots and pictures around the hostel and decided to write an article about it.


 Have you ever got an chance to publish an article in a travel magazine? Or do you wish to write one. I suggest all the readers to take few minutes and do stop by to read my feature if you have time and would be really happy to see your comments below!


About the author

A travel blogger, Influencer and adventurer, Anubhav travels extensively around the world. Even though on a limited budget, he always manages to plan the best deals. Anubhav’s no stranger to the world of travel-hacking and is very passionate about helping people to chase their own travel dreams in life.

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