How To Apply For Turkey Tourist Visa From India?

How To Apply For Turkey Tourist Tourist Visa From India?

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for Indians. It is considered as a gateway to Europe when traveling from Asia. As compared to most of the countries in Europe, traveling to Turkey is comparitively cheaper and affordable which is why it is preferred as a major international touristic destinations for Indian travelers. 

The following post covers the detailed information and insights for turkey tourist visa application process for Indian travelers. 

Type of Turkey Visa's

There are 2 types of Turkey visa:

  • e-visa (only valid when the purpose of travel is tourism or commerce)
  • Sticker Visa (Valid for all purpose) 

Turkish e-visa is equivalent to the Turkish sticker visa issued at Turkish missions.

Turkey e-visa for Indian Nationals

Turkey e-visa facts and process:

  • Offers Short stay visa, with stay upto 30 days (within 6 months), processing time minimum 2 weeks.
  • Each traveller must have a seperate e-Visa.
  • Family applications can be created for minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 applicants.
  • You can apply for your e-Visa any time before your travel. However, it is advisable to create an e-Visa application at least 48 hours before your departure.
  • Fees applicable for Indian nationals: 43 USD (approx).

Which indian national are eligibile for Turkish e-visa?

  • Those who have valid visa from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland.
  • Those who have valid residence permit” from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland

* Validity should be by the date/time one enter Turkey. e.g. entry date to Turkey should lie within the validity period of supporting document.

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Turkey Sticker visa for Indian Nationals

General Facts

  • Offers Short stay visa, with stay upto 1-3months (within 6 months), processing time minimum 2 weeks.
  • Validity period of your Visa begins from the date specified in your application.
  • If you go by airway and do not leave the transit zone, you do not need to obtain a visa. However, in all other cases you need to obtain a visa.
  • Visa application can be submitted to the VAC earliest 6 months before the travel date. The latest you can apply for Visa is:

For Delhi:
1. New Delhi- minimum 4 working days.
2. Chandigarh- minimum 6 working days.
3. Jaipur- minimum 6 working days.
4. Jalandhar- minimum 6 working days
5. Gurgaon- minimum 6 working days.
6. Kolkata- minimum 6 working days.
7. Kathmandu- minimum 8 working days.

For Hyderabad:
1. Hyderabad – minimum 9 working days

For Mumbai:
1. Mumbai- minimum 10 working days.
2. Ahmedabad- minimum 12 working days.
3. Pune- minimum 12 working days.
4. Goa- minimum 12 working days.
5. Bengaluru- minimum 12 working days.
6. Cochin- minimum 12 working days.
7. Trivandrum- minimum 12 working days.
8. Chennai- minimum 12 working days.

Visa Fees of year 2020 (Amounts in INR)



Gateway (VAC) Service Fees
Regular application (if the travel is after 4 or more working days later)
India: 3.560,- INR (exl. taxes)

VIP (Premium, if there are less than 4 working days to the travel date)
India: 8.810,- INR (exl. taxes)

SMS Service (200 INR) in the submission time

Document Checklist:

General For All Applicants:

Original Passport
> The original passport should be issued less than 10 years with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry to Turkey.
> Your passport must have at least 2 empty pages.
> The photocopy of valid passport first and last pages.

Biometric Photographs
> Two biometric photos with white background that were taken within the last 6 months covering the full-face including ears and
all hair, clearly and completely visible without shadow, in 2.5-inch x 2.5-inch size.

For Minors:
>Minors need consent letter from both parents in all cases (eventhough minor is travelling with both parents). The consent must contain photos of parents and applicant and notarized
> NOC must be on 100Rs stamp paper.
> Original Passport from both parents even if minor is travelling with both parents.

Visa application Form:
>Manually filled visa application form by blue or black pen in capital letters with 1 photograph affixed to it, signed by the applicant
> Link – http://gatewayglobe.com/public/userfiles/files/Turkey-Visa-Application-Form.pdf

Covering Letter:
– Original letter with travel plan (Business person will use their letterhead)
– If the applicant is submitting the applications of his/her family, then all applications must include a copy of the covering letter

If US/Canada/UK travel histroy (in last 10 years), with travel stamps
– If the applicant continues to travel to a third country (i.e. UK, USA, Canada etc…) after leaving the Turkey Region, the visa of the next country has to be obtained first.
If refused visa earlier – attached refusal letter – and state reasons in covering letter

For Tourism or Visiting Family, friends.:

> Confirmed Flight tickets, Hotel booking

> Travel Health Insurance
– Travel insurance should cover at least duration of the trip in Turkey
– Travel Insurance is mandatory requirement which should fulfill the below requirements,

        I. Medical Evacuation and repatriation expenses
        II. Personal accidental death
       III. Personal liability
       IV. Daily allowance in hospitalization cases
       V. This plan should cover the insured for a minimum of Euro 30000.

> Detailed Day-by-day Itinerary

> Proof of Financial Support:
– ITR (3 years) (For partnership firms, Company ITR for last 3 years needed)
– Bank statements (3 months) – both personal and business (in original or copies attested by bank)
– Investments (Mutual funds etc.)
– Property proof/ personal net worth
– Credit card front copies and statement of credit limit

> If sponsered trip:
– Letter signed by sponser paying notarized + their passport photocopy + bank certificate proving sufficient funds.
– Proof of sponser relationship with applicant
– Above documents dated within 3 months of submission

> If you are Employed:
– NOC [should included name, position, current salary, date of hire, employer’s (name, adress, telephone number)]
– Salary Slips/Certificates of the last 3 months and Form 16.

> If Self-Employed:
– The company registration documents
– GST / Goods and Services Tax.
(Partnership Deed / Proof of proprietorship or other proof of ownership.)

> If Retired:
– Original retirement documents
– Income proof (if any: pension slips, rent from property etc.)
– Last 3 month’s personal bank statement, in original or copies attested by bank.

> If Students traveling outside of school holidays” (Same applicable for unemployed)
– School letter confirming your standing reputation and approved absence leaves.
– Parents or legal guardians must provide their personal bank statements for the last3 months.
– Parents ITR (3 years)
– Parents confirmation letter of financial support
– Copy of their passports

> If Freelancer:
– Contract documents & leave/cover letter as applicable
– Last 3 months’ personal bank statement (original or copies attested by bank)

> Additional Documents:
– If not shown in passport, Marriage Certificate of the Couple issued by the marriage registrar / Affidavit required attested by Notary Public

> Inviter in Turkey:
– Invitation Letter (indicating purpose and duration of visit)
> (Notarized if Invitee is provided financial support, Notary format may be different than formal letter of inivtation – copy contents)
– A copy of their immigration/citizenship documents.
– Income & Financial proofs, includes – Income tax assesment, employment letters, pay stubs, bank statements.
– If inviter student, acceptance letter/ good standing of school.
– If visiting family, proof of relationship with Turkish invitee (birth certificate, copy of marriage certificate etc.)
– Detailed Itinerary of places to visit with family/friends while in Turkey

Visa application centre (Gateway Global):


– Appointments to be book for (Delhi, Gurgaon kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and Cochin)
– Other visa application centre region dont need an appointment.
– You can book an appointment by calling the call center or you can send an e-mail to customer care.

Aditional Services:

– Turkey Visa Application Centres provide additional services such as photocopy, photograph, premium lounge, Courier, SMS and Hold at Location, Courier Insurance and Travel Insurance to offer you convenience.

Premium Lounge Service:

– Premium lounge service is an additional service and your issue period is less with this service. If you apply until 3 o’clock, your passport will be forward in the same day to embassy. If you apply after 3 o’clock, your application will be forward next day in the morning. This service is just available for Delhi and Gurgaon offices. Your departure date is less than 4 working days, you can just apply under premium lounge service in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Tracking visa application post submission:

– You will receive update e-mails regarding your visa application status.
– If you would like you may use our SMS Service (200 INR)

Passport Collections:

– Along with your identity card and payment receipt given to you, you can collect your passport from Turkey Visa Application Centres.
– If you would like to you can use our additional service- Hold At Location. For example; If you have applied from our Delhi office and are residing in Kolkata, you can benefit from our hold at location service to our Kolkata office for your passport in return for 450 INR and you can collect your passport from our Kolkata offic.e.

Passport Delivery Hours15:00-17:00


Applying Turkey visa is a hassle free process. The important key role to get easy approvals is arranging the right documentation in order to provide trust to the visa officer that you have financial and right intentions of traveling to Turkey and after completing your trip, you will be returning back to your home country.

For this we recommend to try our services with DreamsVoyager. We are team of professional travelers who knows the challenges an average traveler faces daily especially when its come visa applications and very well knows how to recommend the perfect approach in order to built the best case for approvals! For more details regarding booking and pricing, kindly click on the link given below:

For professional support, book our Turkey visa assistance service.

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