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Scoot Wandermust Winner – Preferred Traveler from India!

Scoot Wandermust Winner – Preferred Traveler from India!

Recently I was selected by Singapore based low-cost Airlines called by the name of ‘Scoot’, which opened up a contest in the month of June 2018 which was mainly published on their Facebook  pages all around Asia/world targeting specifically those countries or destinations where the airlines usually fly to. It was really proud moment for me to be selected on a global platform and to be the only Indian selected from my country beating thousands of application in their system!

About Contest

In order to participate in the contest, people have to post well thought entries in the form of a brief story telling or showing the airlines why they think “they have travel in the blood“.  The stories have options to be in the form of text followed by photographs or videos.

Wanderlust Adverstisement

Since it was a global competition, the key was not only on how you pitch or present your story but how genuine it is for selection Jury to decide if it synchronizes with the idea of the need of travel addiction!.

Is Travel is in Your blood?

The idea of travel is in your blood initiated by Scoot, originally arises from the research of DRD4-2/7R gene and its relationship to human travel. The research is organised by famous professor “Richard Ebstein” from National Institute of Singapore. He has been studying this gene-travel relationship from past 20 years and connects it direct roots to exploration and travel addiction.

Click on the image to check the video!

All the winners who will be selected in the contest are mainly invited to singapore to undergo this DNA test to actually discover whether this Exploration gene exist in them or not. Evenhow, if the results turn out to be positive/negative, the overall search was still purely based on stories and profile of every user or applicant who were applying for this contest.

Prizes for Winners

The prizes were distributed into 3 sections – 1 Grand Prize winner, 4 Wandermust Prize winners and 12 Participation prize winners.
Participation Winner: The participation winners were mainly given 100SGD worth voucher which they could redeem with Scoot flights.
Wandermust winners – These 4 winners consist of the main core section and were given the following prizes:

  • Roundtrip (basic) fare ticket from home country to Singapore.
  • 1 night and 2 days stay in Singapore with good rated hotel.
  • One roundtrip (Basic) fare ticket from Home country to any Scoot flying destination inclusive of taxes.
  • Complementary DNA analysis for the D4DR-2/7R gene variant.

Grand prize winner: There were 1 exchange to the grand prize winner along with wandermust prize was offering which mainly included 100,00 KrisFlyer miles in place of roundtrip ticket to any Scoot destination, which if I think is the best buy for grand winner!

My Selection and Prize

I was selected among the 4 wandermust winners in which I was sponsored a free trip to Singapore, along with a top rated hotel stay and DNA test. And I still hold one free round-trip to travel anywhere in Asia!! (Any recommendations?)

Scoot Wanderlist contest winners
Click on the image to check the video!

Among the all the travelers who got selected in this contest, only 34.62% were found out positive with DRD4-2/7R exploration gene and mine though came out to be negative.

But does it really matter whether you have a travel gene or not, whether its in your blood that implants the idea of this travel addiction!? For me travel is more of an experience, the way to explore and see the life outside the small buble we live in and explore the life as it is everywhere!

My story by Scoot

This is what scoot published about me”

” Meet Anubhav. An Indian native who travels the world on a budget and a whole lot of travel points. 

Having travelled to more than 30 countries (on extremely tight budgets), Anubhav’s no stranger to travel-hacking. He never fails to score the best deal on every flight he takes. 
At his free time, he works as a free travel advisor and is very passionate about helping others chase their travel dreams.
If you’re thinking of pursuing a full-time budget globetrotting lifestyle, look no further:https://dreamsvoyager.com/

Click on the image to check the video!

Travel is the best thing which I have found in life! There is so much to see and experience and I just feel I only might have touch the tip of the iceberg. Winning this contest gave me a good confidence and recognition as well to see the potential of how much far we all have the possibility to achieve and find our ways to travel and experience the world out there! 🙂

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How To Track The Cheapest Airline Fares?

How To Track The Cheapest Airline Fares?

Well as the questions says itself, it’s one of the common thoughts which would have flown to everyone’s mind sooner or later the very next moment they think about traveling abroad. Most of the time when you even google out and try to find solutions, you mostly stuck on to few articles explaining how to book 3-6 months in advance or switch to low-cost flight carrier options. But its not where the road ends!

Road Ends

But, Today, I will help you explain some flight booking ideas which you can easily adapt before planning a trip to a new country! It might take some part of your time, but it’s well worth the shot in the end!

  • Periodically Research Flight deals online for promotional fares: This is the one of the trick I have literally learned from my own experience and it really works. There are some websites on internet for searching flight tickets where they provide options to rigorously search for destinations all over the world based on either exact dates OR months OR even anytime of the year and by using them one can easily track all the promotional fares which airlines are mostly offering during that time of the year in advance. Confused? OK I will share below my favorite two websites which I often used for my own travel.

  a) Skyscanner.com:

If you click on the skyscanner link above, It will directly take you to the website page where it will show you a map similar to image shown above. What it does, it automatically detect your current destination where you shall be flying from (alternatively you can also edit it yourself if you want to start from different one) and in the next tab it will ask for the exact month when you are planning to make your trip. Once the departing location and departing month  is selected, the website will process all the best price options for all the countries and cities all over the world where you would like to travel. The green Dot shows you the direct flights and red dot shows you with transit layovers. On the top left tab there is also price option, where you can select the exact price range of your budget. This way, in one glance, you can easily have a look of all the options available for you in that very month! The best things about skyscanner is that it also process even the combination of low cost flight carrier options, so this way, if you can comprise to fly using low cost airlines, then looking options here could be a good deal for you!

b) Kayak.com:

This is the other best alternative option similar to skyscanner but there is a small twist in comparison to skyscanner which can be good for some people.  How? well what Kayak does it rather than asking for only exact month, it also has the option for selecting any month of the year, which means, you can practically search for fares all over the world at any time of the year. And similarly (like skyscanner map), you can also filter the price options as per your budget. Another important aspect of using kayak map is that, once you click on any fares for details, unlike skyscanner, it will also reflect the name of the airlines. But you might wonder how does it matter to us? well sometimes it does, you may don’t want to fly through airlines such Aeroflot, Saudi etc who generally provide mouth watering lower fares but when it comes to basic comfort, they lack in the flight ratings.

  • Track Open-Jaw flights using Google ITA-Matrix: This is the second best trick for searching cheapest flight options. But let me explain what Open-jaw means. When you want to enter one destination or country and wish to exist from another one, the open-jaw tickets comes in handy!

Once you go to the Google Ita matrix website, it will show a similar search page above. Here in the destination option, first you enter to specific destination airport code which shall be you first preference to travel. Thereafter, next to it, you will see an option called “Nearby”. As you click, it will drop down options of all the nearby airport codes within the mile radius of your destination. Depending on your flexibility, you can select upto 2000 miles radius. For departing dates, you have both the options for selecting exacts dates OR plus-minus 2 OR specific calendar months. Even if you go further down, you shall find many other filters from selecting the number of stops, currency and even the sales city from which you would like make the purchase.   Once you pr-set all your search options and shoot the search the button – Voila! Here comes the magic! The website will process all the Towards and Return flight from all the airport codes within that mile radius you have selected and will show you mixed open-jaw options of return tickets for your departed location which in my experience has been fairly competitive! In addition, this website also  filters out all the low-cost carrier while searching, so this way, you will only find the flights here which are already at par in the flight rating index. However, only downside with this website is that it wont give you option to directly book from their websites but the fares shown in this website can be mostly found any other travel booking website as well!  I have used it many times and would definitely recommend to give it a try!

  • Search long-leg flights by mixing normal OR low-cost carriers: Lastly, this is third best trick I always recommend to people who are really on a very low budget and flexible to opt flying options from low-cost carriers. But you might wonder, low-cost carrier flying network varies in different continents, how can we actually combine them to suit our budget?  Well the answer is YES you can! And for this, I have always used the website called “Kiwi.com”.

The interface of kiwi.com is mostly similar to that of kayak or Skyscanner but the only best things which makes it unique is the flexibility and possibility to combines all the normal and even lowest prices flight carrier all around the world. For a long leg flight, the website will try to break it further into 3 or 4 or even more stops to process the cheapest option one could find. But Obviously,  the only downside in this can be long layovers, less baggage allowances & more transit stops so more time. But for backpackers or students, this could be the best shot for traveling the world on lowest fares.

Conclusively, all the above tricks for tracking flights fares on lowest budget are the one which I have already used in my experience. Although, there are many more options to look over internet when it comes to booking flights, but as per my knowledge, the one provided in this blog-post are the best rock-solid options one could ever find. So next time when you think of flying from one part to another part of the world, just hold on-to that idea as your dreams may really come true this time ! 🙂 If you like reading my blog, Please feel free to share your comments and don’t forget to subscribe and follow for tuning to more blog post in future !!  

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