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5 Scams to know before traveling to New Delhi

5 Scams

to know before traveling to New Delhi

India is one of those developing countries where people fear to travel before even planning a trip here. One of the scariest part are the scams stories other than food or hygiene. But I think scams nowadays are pretty much common everywhere around the world. I mean sometimes I believe, being an Indian benefits myself to be prepare for both good and bad side to experience around the world. I think its always easy to learn a system but difficult to learn a chaos, but when you get the hand on both, you always know whats going to happen out the every situation in your travels.

Being lived in Delhi most of my life and grown up here, I am going to share today some common facts on scams and their possible alternatives to get around easily when you are in New Delhi, India. (and most of it applies everywhere around other cities as well).

  • Taxi Scams : When you arrive at airport, cross immigration and move towards fetching a cab to your hotel , then random taxi drivers may approach you and ask you where you want to go and offer you a cheap price. Kindly ignore them as they can never be trusted. Secondly, there are pre-paid booths just outside arrivals, although they are pre-paid but usually can be rip-offs. There is indeed an authorized government taxi pre-paid counter but even if you opt for that, the cab conditions are not so great sometimes. So what to do then?..If you are arriving during the day, Uber/ola is definitely the best option.  If you are arriving at night, I will definitely recommend asking your hotel to arrange pick-up because anyway its hard to find the right pre-paid taxi counters because unless you are not with a local, you cant really negotiate with them and for tourist, taxi drivers can always play games to fool them around and for solo female travelers, safety is always concern!
  •  Fake travel agents : There are plenty of small travel agent shops you can find    across Delhi but most of them are fake or not really authorized. What should you do? Well the best is find the government authorized tourist information center OR best is to book online! Well for flights its easy. For trains, you have to buy a local number because when you go to the train reservation website  for making an account it is usually required to send an OTP (one time password) on the registered Indian number.  For buses you can use this website. But its always better to travel in train as an alternative to buses! Otherwise, flights are the best to opt for.
  • Fake Sim Cards : If you go to Sim card shop and they offer you sim cards without asking for your passport and 2 passport size photographs, then its definitely fake! Its better not to use them because you never know for what purpose that number has been used for earlier! Research for Sim card companies authorized centers like Airtel, Vodafone etc. you may visit them to complete your necessary documentation.
  • Tuk-Tuk Negotiations : Well first of all Tuk-Tuk are called “Auto-Rikshaw” here in India. They are cheap to use when traveling across Delhi. But they can also be rip-off especially when they know you are outsider! Always negotiate! How? well first, if you stop a Tuk-tuk ask them to use registered meters. If they deny or say its not working, then know beforehand how much it would cost -you can fetch the details on this website. Tell them the destination and ask for fare. If they tell you added +10 to +20 Rs max, take the ride, else tell them your last price and if they dont agree then let them go. They will probably agree in the last moment or if not, stop another one and try the same. It will eventually work! (For night charges add another 50-70 Rs maximum to that amount)
  • Commission agents : Wherever you go, airports, train stations, streets, shopping places, markets etc. there will be people who can approach you or taxi/tuk-tuk drivers who can fool you out telling you the places you are meant to go or wish to go is not the right one or is closed due to some XYZ reasons, and they will take you to the ones where their commissions are fixed. So kindly ignore them, trust your guts, research a bit and find the things yourself. Its always better to ask young people, couples or families around you for help.  There are many good people here who will always be willing to offer you help as well!

Well there are many others scams as you travel around the country (like not to give anything to road-side beggars as there is mafia who force them or scams related to bargaining at shops etc) but the one written above are very common ones that you may encounter specially in Delhi when it comes to travel. But would be similar elsewhere in other cities as well. So know them, keep yourself aware and rest be assured, traveling here is not that complicated!

Have you traveled to India before? Did you experience any scams? Or what was your last experience where you come across a particular scam when you traveled to a new country? Feel free to share your comments.

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Can Indians get Dubai Visa on arrival?

Can indians can get dubai visa on arrival?

UAE or Dubai visa is one of the most popular visas for Indians. Although there are some countries for which Visa on arrival facilities are available in UAE, Indians, however, need to obtain an E-visa before planning to visit Dubai.

Not so while ago, UAE government has started a visa-on arrival scheme for Indian citizen on only one criteria that they should posses US valid visas. Lets discuss this process more in details what is all about and under what criteria one is eligible to avail it.

Conditions that entitles Dubai visa on arrival for Indians.

    1. One should have a valid USA Visa (Used, Unused and all types are accepted)
    2. Should have an Indian Passport valid at least six (6) months beyond the date of departure from the Dubai.
    3. Should possess return or onward ticket to the next country of destination.
    4. Should have no derogatory record with the UAE Bureau of Immigration.

What will happen at Indian and Dubai Airports?

  1. You will have to tell the airline ground staff at airline check-in counter that you possess valid USA visa (which allows Visa on arrivals for Indians) and that they can check in your passports.
  2. The next thing is they will check you have valid return or onward flight within the validity of your USA visa. (The airlines usually check this because they are given the responsibility to bring you back if you don’t posses a valid return or onward ticket within your visa validity.)
  3. At Indian Immigration, you will have to show your passports showing USA visa + boarding passes + return/onward flight ticket. They will ask standard questions related to your travel plans like how many days you plan to stay, your purpose of travel etc. On verification, they stamp your passport and you move ahead with security check.
  4. On arrival at Dubai Airport, you have to locate “Marhaba counter” which are usually located just opposite to immigration counters. You have to show again your valid USA visa with passport there.
  5. On verification, you have the pay the “Visa on arrival” fees which is about “121 Dirhams” (this is as per latest update and may change at the time of travel). The payment are accepted in both cards and cash. They will provide you receipt which contains a Barcode. You have to keep it safe throughout your time in Dubai.
  6. After getting receipt, go ahead to the immigration counter where they will verify your passports (with USA Visa) along with Receipts and Barcode. They may ask you some  usual questions about your stay again like I have mentioned earlier for Indian airport immigration. After this you get a passport stamp and arrival in Dubai.

Can you avail “Visa on arrival “with any other visa other than USA visa?

  • Some Visas such as “Schengen and UK” may be accepted but its not recommended to travel considering Visa on arrival based on them.


If you have a Valid US Visa, then you can definitely plan your trip to Dubai with free mind and avail Dubai visa on arrival. But if you have don’t have valid US visa, its highly recommended to avail Dubai visa in advance here.

Dubai Visa On Arrival For Indians

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How I got 5 Years Multiple Entry Japan Visa from India?!

How i got 5 years multiple entry visa from india!

Japan is one of the beautiful and at the same time most under-rated destination for Indians in my opinion. Not many Indians I have come crossed are much aware of the fact that what this beautiful country has to offer in the form of tourism. Lately, Japan this year has simplified visa rules for Indians and come out some pretty cool different categories where you get the opportunity to get long valid multiple entry tourist visas for up to 5 years and I was recently one of the lucky ones to score them!

Various categories of Japan Visas for Indians

Let us discuss first about all the various categories of different visa for Japan briefly:

  1. Short-term visa: This allows stay up to 90 days for tourism, business, attending conferences, visiting friends/acquaintance, etc., and it does not include paid activities.
  2. Single Entry visa for short stay with the purpose of tourism for Indians Students: In this category – students, graduate students & alumni (within 3 years of graduation) of universities in India are allowed to submit their certificate of student status or graduation instead of the document confirming their financial capability in the application for single entry visa for short-term stay with the purpose of tourism.
  3. Short-term visa Multiple Entry: This is the one of the most important category where the Japan government has come out with different application procedure giving the benefit of ease of documentations and more chances of getting long valid multiple entry tourist visas. We will discuss about in details later here.
  4. Medical Visa: This is mainly meant for services related to medical check-up and treatment. This visa is not only issued to patients but also to accompanying persons also if necessary.
  5. Transit Visa: As the name suggest, if you are transiting through Japan for tourism, sightseeing and simply at rest, you can get a visa for maximum stay up to 15 days.

Conditions for Multiple Entry Visas

For all Indian nationals who wishes to apply for multiple entry visa, any of the following possible categories can be opted:

  1. Any Individual who has travel records of “Temporary Visitor” to Japan twice or more in last three years.
  2. Any Individual who travel records as “Temporary Visitor” to Japan in the last 3 years and has financial capacity to pay the travel expense.
  3. Any Individual who travel records as “Temporary Visitor” to Japan and any of the G7 countries in last 3 years.
  4. Any Individual who sufficient financial capacity.
  5. Spouse or Children’s of the individual who has sufficient financial capacity.

If you have read all 5 categories above, then what it simply conveys is that If you have great international travel history or If you can show that have financially sound money (including savings & investments) then you can anytime can get the benefits of getting long valid multiple entry visa for maximum 5 years (for each stay up to 3 months)

How I got 5 years Multiple entry visa for Japan?

I mainly gained the benefit of 3rd category under Multiple entry visitor. How it works? First, we need to know which all countries come in the part of G7 (full form for Group of seven):

United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & United Kingdom

What it requires in this category is any individual who has in past 3 years traveled to Japan and any minimum any one of these other 6 countries within past 3 years, he is eligible for getting the possibility of long valid multiple entry visa.

Now you would probably think, how does it benefit much as we have to go through all the hassle of showing long documentation! Well, let me jot down the what are the documents is required in this category:

– Covering Letter

– Application form (with Photo)

– Passport (with old passport if any)

– Copies of Previous visa and entry stamps of Japan travel + G7 country.

That’s it! Basically, they don’t need any of your documents. Your simple travel history is all what is required in this case!

In my case, I was already lucky to being travel to almost every single G7 country including Japan in past 3 years. The whole process was super easy, I filled the online application, took necessary copies of passport and visa stamps and went to VFS for documents submission. To my surprise, not even the VFS officers had much idea of what this category has to offer and it took them a while to extract the relevant category checklist and explore through the requirements. Since I was already carrying some extra documents, so they included my temporary flight ticket and one ITR copy along with my application and submitted my case. (Although it wasn’t required as per the checklist and was simply optional).  Exactly after 5 days, I went for my passport collection and got my 5 years visa stamp!

What most people also don’t know is Japan has one of the strongest passports in the world and having a visa from Japan definitely adds a lot of weightage to your travel history. Strong travel history sometimes surpasses the needs of showing financial savings in many visa cases and it becomes very ease to travel anywhere in the world without much worries of getting visa approvals!

I currently hold 10 years Multiple entry US visa, 5 years multiple entry Canada visa, 5 years multiple entry Schengen visa and 5 years multiple entry Japan visa and have traveled to all these countries and many other in last 3 – 5 years. Being having an Indian passport, it’s never easy to get long valid visas but there are people I know who travel internationally much often and simply don’t know how to reap the benefits of building their travel history. Even If you are not a hard-core traveler, just being knowing different ways of how international travel works, you always have opportunities open to building long travel history.


If you have not visited Japan before and planning a trip somewhere in near future, I would definitely recommend going for Japan! The visa process is easy and Japan is one the most welcoming country full of rich culture and advancement!

Various categories of Japan Visas for Indians 5
Conditions for multiple entry visa for Japan

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How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India? Fast & Easy!

How to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India? Fast & Easy!

Canada is one the most popular destinations for Indians. Lot of people every year apply for Canada visa, sometimes to simply visit the beautiful country or sometime just to build their travel history which might help them later for better prospects at PR (Permanent Residency). Because of its popularity, there many companies across India offering guaranteed Canada visa services, but when it comes to visa, nothing is guaranteed or permanent and mostly these companies are fake or make fool out of people.

Its very important to understand the basics how you can apply Canada visa, especially their visitor visa. Once you know that, then opting for professional assistance services will be easy and convenient as you will know the person/organization offering their services is not selling fake hopes and giving the appropriate help which may be required for your case. Alternatively, you can also apply it yourself. But if you are first timers and don’t have any prior travel history, then its always advisable to go with professional help

Type of Canada Tourist Visa

There are 2 types of Tourist visa for Canada:

  • Visitor Visa (For tourism and Sightseeing)
  • Visitor Visa (For Visiting Family, Friends/acquaintance)

Type of Visa Applications

  • Online Application
  • Paper based application (offline)

The paper-based application is preferred one most widely used in India due to its convenience.

Biometrics Facts:

  • If you are applying for Visitor visa first time, then you need to give Biometrics and take appointment slot online for that at VFS Global website.
  • If you have already applied for Visitor visa before and have received a valid visa for which you have given Biometrics earlier (post Nov 2018), then you don’t need to apply for Biometrics again for next 10 years.
  • If you applied for visa before, given your biometrics, but visa got rejected. Then you need to track your biometrics validity through UCI (unique client Identifier) no. which is given in your refusal letter given by the consulate earlier.
  • If you are not required to give biometrics, then you can simply visit the application center during their business hours (without any prior appointment).

All about Visa Fees:

    • Visitor Visa Fees per person = 100 CAD (Rs 5,260 equivalent)
    • Biometrics Fees per person = 85 CAD (Rs 4,470 equivalent)
    • Assisted Service fees per person (for paper applications) = Rs 395

    The above 3 fees are usually mandatory fees charge for your visa application. Please consider some extra buffer price for currency exchange charge levied by the banks.

    Besides, if you are not required to give biometrics, then in case of Biometrics fees states above, you would need to provide:

    • Package Transmission fees (per package) = Rs 441

    Furthermore, there are optional services which you can opt at VFS application center as below:

    • One-way courier Service (Per package) = Rs 479
    • Short Message Service (SMS) Per applicant = Rs 132

How to pay the Visa fees?

There are 2 ways of paying visa fees:

  • Pay application fees online at official Canada Immigration website by creating your online account.
  • Pay directly at VFS center – In this, VFS pay online on your behalf using their official Corporate cards and attach their payment receipt. You then have to pay (ONLY IN CASH) at their cash counters. For this there charge extra service fees of about Rs 213 (including GST).

In the second payment mode, one has to keep in mind that if VFS try to pay the fees online on your behalf and the consulate website server is down by any chance, then you may have to visit the center again for second time. While for online mode, you can save time to pay when the server is performing well.

Visa Application Process

For visa application process, you have to first register online at the Canada Immigration website and fill out their application form very carefully and pay the fees there itself.

List of all forms related to your visa Application

  • Temporary Resident Visitor Visa Application form (IMM5257E): you have to fill online, validate it, take form as well as bar code printouts. You also need to have the latest Adobe upgrade version DC Aug 2019 (19.012.20040) other you may find difficulty opening it.
  • Family information form (IMM5707): Applicable for age above 18, can fill both online or manually with BLACK INK only.
  • VFS consent Forms: 2 copies required, can be filled manually by black or blue ink
  • Schedule 1 form (IMM5257B): Applicable for navy or army background.
  • Use of representative form (IMM5476): If someone else going for the submission on behalf of applicant.
  • Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (IMM5409): In case of non-married couples applying, they should have lived together at least one year, have intermingled financial and other affairs.
  • Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (IMM 5475): If you want your spouse, family member or friend to check your application on your behalf.

Visa Documents Checklist

   1. General for all applicants

  • Valid Passport (include old, expired passports), should be valid of proposed travel duration, 2 blank pages minimum.
  • Photocopy of front and back page of passport.
  • For Minors: – traveling without parents/legal guardians – authorization letter signed by both parents/legal Guardians.
  • For Minors: – traveling with 1 parent/legal guardian – authorization letter signed by another + photocopy of passport/Aadhar including their photo and signature.
  • IMM5257B form (if applicable)
  • Family Information Form (IMM 5707), fully completed and signed. Should be filled by black pen only.

   2. If one has prior US/Canada travel visa and history (in last 10 years), with travel stamps, financial proof is not needed.

   3. Visiting Family or Friends:

      – Proof of Financial Support

  • ITR (2 years)
  • Bank statements (6 months)
  • Employment letter, Pay slips, Pension proof, Business registration, Investment’s, etc.
  • Property proof/ personal net worth.

      – If sponsored trip:

  • Letter signed by sponsor paying + their passport photocopy + bank certificate proving sufficient funds. Bank statements (6 months)
  • Proof of sponsor relationship with applicant Investment’s, etc.
  • Above documents dated within 3 months of submission.

      – If you are Employed:

  • NOC [should include name, position, current salary, date of hire, employer’s (name, address, telephone number)]

      – If Retired:

  • Retirement certificate indicating amount of your pension.

      – If Students traveling outside of school holidays:

  • School letter confirming your standing reputation and approved absence leaves.

      – Invitee in Canada:

  • Invitation Letter (indicating purpose and duration of visit)
  • List showing no. of people in their household.
  • A copy of their immigration/citizenship documents.
  • Income & Financial proofs, includes – NOA (Notice of Assessments), employment letters, pay stubs, bank statements.
  • If inviter student, acceptance letter/ good standing of school.
  • If visiting family, proof of relationship with Canadian invitee (birth certificate, copy of marriage certificate etc.)

   4. Tourism and sightseeing:

      – Detailed Itinerary (including proof of air tickets and hotel booking)

      – Proof of Financial Support:

  • ITR (2 years)
  • Bank statements (6 months)
  • Employment letter, Pay slips, Pension proof, Business registration, Investment’s, etc.
  • Property proof/ personal net worth.

      – If sponsored trip:

  • Letter signed by sponsor paying + their passport photocopy + bank certificate proving sufficient funds. Bank statements (6 months)
  • Proof of sponsor relationship with applicant Investment’s, etc.
  • Above documents dated within 3 months of submission.

      –  If you are Employed:

  • NOC [should include name, position, current salary, date of hire, employer’s (name, address, telephone number)]

      – If Retired:

  • Retirement certificate indicating amount of your pension.

      – If Students traveling outside of school holidays:

  • School letter confirming your standing reputation and approved absence leaves.

VFS – Visa application center

Anyone from any state/city can apply all over Indian VFS center without any region-based restrictions. For scheduling appointments, you can either do it online or by phone or even chat system on their website. For people who don’t require biometrics, they can simply walk in anytime during business hours without any prior appointments.


Canada Visitor/Tourist visa process is not that complicated if you wish to do It yourself. What more important is how you prepare your documents and your covering letters. Every document you prepare and propose should contain all necessary elements which is required for visa officer in order to give your visa approval. In particular, your financials and strong reasons that you are willing to return back to your home country.

I always advise people to hire professionals. Doing it yourself may call for some unexpected errors which is usually covered by experience. But obviously that doesn’t mean not just hire any visa agent, but who understand the process and have prior experiences of dealing with different type of cases.

If you need my professional support, we also provide Canada visa assistance service for a very nominal pricing, the details of which you can find here: Canada Visa

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What are dummy flight tickets? Can you use them for Schengen Visa?

What are dummy flight tickets? Can you use them for Schengen Visa?

Most of time people get confused when they read about the use of Dummy Flight tickets especially while applying for Schengen visa. Some of the questions which originate in everyone mind is:

  • Are Dummy tickets real or fake?
  • Are they legally allowed to use in Schengen visa application?
  • How and where to book these tickets?
  • Can you book them without paying money?
  • Are they similar to what is provided by airlines as hold tickets for 1-3 days?

There are many fears and doubts for people concerning the authenticity of these dummy tickets and how and where to actually validate this? as mostly everyone they come across have different answers. Also, there are people who simply get lucky using wrong dummy tickets and they then advise others to simply follow the process what they did. But, what is the correct process then to buy or arrange such tickets?

In order to understand this, we need to first understand the concept of dummy flight tickets.

What is Dummy Flight Ticket?

A dummy flight tickets is simply a flight ticket showing actual details of flight journey which is confirmed but not yet issued to the customer. Unlike a fake ticket, a dummy flight ticket holds a valid PNR which are verifiable directly on Airline websites for which you have hold the booking.

Dummy Flight Ticket Sample

How can you check difference between Dummy flight tickets and fake flight tickets?

A dummy flight ticket is basically a temporary hold ticket with a valid PNR & Reservation code (which can be verified by embassy) while a fake flight ticket does not have either nor an e-ticket number.

Are Dummy Flight tickets accepted in Schengen Visa Applications?

Yes, Dummy flight tickets are officially accepted for Schengen visa application, however, some countries within Schengen zone where you are applying your visa, may require you to furnish actual flight confirmed reservation, so it is very important to select the right itinerary and right embassy at the same time.

Some examples of countries among Schengen area accepting dummy or temporary hold flight booking.

  1. Finland: officially ask for Travel plan/Itinerary, so a dummy ticket would suffice that.
  2. France: officially ask for Reservation of a return ticket or travel itinerary, dummy tickets works here.
  3. Estonia: officially mentions that tickets should be bought only after visa has been issued.
  4. Luxembourg: officially mentions either reservation or tickets. (so, hold ticket reservation works)
  5. Netherlands: specifically mentions they don’t need a ticket (dummy flight ticket works)

These are just few examples of embassies which already accepts dummy flight ticket options, however, depending on your itinerary, you may have to find if the respective embassy you are putting your application, ask for only reservation or an actual flight booking! (as it may differ from country to country within Schengen states).

Now, we know that dummy flight tickets are widely accepted for visa applications, lets find out how to find and look for while buying these dummy tickets.

What to look for while buying dummy tickets?

Before I explain you soon from where you get these dummy tickets, you have to first know how these tickets hold period works. These dummy tickets are basically reserved and hold by the authorized travel agents. The official processing time for a Schengen visa is usually 14-15 business days, so ideally the hold time for these tickets should minimum of 2 weeks from the date they are processed in the system.

However, there could be many agents who can hold it for a small period only such as 1 -2 days or sometimes 3 and they automatically get cancel within the system. (You must have seen this while booking air tickets online either by airlines or sometimes by third-party portals). Most of such customer buying these tickets have little or no idea about the impact it may cause on their visa application and by the time a visa officer checks their applications and wishes to check the validity of the reservation, the PNR or the Reservation Code may not work by that time and can cause suspicion especially for first time travelers.

Most people do such mistakes that in order to spend less money on visa assistance services provide by travel agents providing supercheap mouth-watering prices, they go for buying such tickets and end up getting visa rejections. What they don’t understand is they end up wasting more money on the embassy and VFS fees all total.

You may by this time also probably think, that you may have come across other people who too have bought and used such cheap services and even got breakthrough for visa approvals. Well in simple terms some people get lucky, because mostly visa officer is already convinced by either their strong travel history, or strong financials or simply official strong reasons to return to home country. In such cases, they sometimes don’t care to check the authenticity of such tickets. But, first time travelers can’t simply afford to take such risk!

Where to buy dummy flight tickets?

We finally arrive to the point to know how and where can we buy such dummy tickets. Some of you may even ask, can we can get them actually free without paying single penny? Well you can but then as I mentioned little earlier, they can simply be exhausted in a day or two only. But the right answer is, it is something which cannot be done free of charge. But for small extra fees, you can get the right booking which can work best for your application.

There are two main ways of buying dummy tickets:

  1. Buy from a reliable travel agent.
  2. Buy directly online.

While searching online for right companies or right travel agents can be really time consuming. So, in this place, I suggest you go for directly with our company at @DreamsVoyager. Its easy and hassle free to book and pay online. 

Besides, the team also offers to provide free visa consultation and can suggest you the best way to prepare your travel plans and bookings. However, if you wish to opt for hassle free detailed Schengen visa assistance, you can also purchase our Schengen visa assistance packages here @Schengen Visa


Dummy flight tickets are one of the best ways to use against flight reservations especially when applying Schengen visa as it cost effective and save you a lot of money and tension. But at the same time, knowing the right approach and process is utmost essential thing and helps you get right visa approvals!

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Nara: Day Trip from Osaka or Kyoto

One of the best things we did during our stay in Osaka was to go on a day trip to Nara.

Nara is home to temples, shrines and beautiful gardens, but its main claim to fame are the resident deer who roam the streets, bow for treats, and amuse visitors.This destination is hardly a well-kept secret and you are guaranteed to find crowds around the main sights, but don’t let that deter you from visiting. I’m sharing our 1-day Nara travel itinerary featuring historic temples, secret gardens, and delicious street food!

1-Day Nara Travel Itinerary

How to get to Nara

Nara is a straightforward excursion from metropolis and metropolis with multiple train choices to induce you there.

From Osaka, you can take the Kintetsu Nara Line Or if you have a JR Pass, you can take the JR Kanjo-Yamatoji Lines departing from JR Osaka Station and arriving at JR Nara Station. We went with the first option since we travelled without a JR Pass.

From Kyoto, you can take the Kintetsu Nara Line. Or if you’re a JR Pass holder, you can take the JR Nara Line departing from JR Kyoto Station and arriving at JR Nara Station – just make sure you get on the express!

Things to do in Nara

Nara Park

Let’s start with Nara Park since this is where many of the city’s attractions are located and where you’re most likely to do your sightseeing.

Within this public park, you’ll find temples, shrines, museums, and walking trails. The park also happens to be home to  deer who roam freely.

Know that admission to the park is free, though you’ll have to pay for a few select attractions within the park grounds.

Nara Deer Park_DreamsVoyager_Copyright


The main attraction in Nara Park is Todai-ji Temple, which was once the world’s largest wooden building. And, this temple also happens to house the largest bronze statue of a Buddha. Imagine that!

Feeding the deer of Nara

Now let’s cite the most draw to Nara: the deer! Nara’s deer hold a very special status in the city.

Local traditional knowledge has it that Takemikazuchi, the god of thunder, once appeared on Mount Wakakusa (just up the hill from Nara Park) riding a white deer, and thus the deer inhabiting the surrounding forest were deemed sacred messengers of the gods and today they are seen as a national treasure.

The quickest way to befriend the deer is with treats, and thankfully there are lots of licensed vendors selling crackers specifically made for the deer. These are called ‘shika senbei’ and you can get them for ¥150.

Be warned that the deer can sniff out those crackers whether you stuff them in your pockets or hide them in your bag, so once you have them in hand, prepare for a herd of deer to approach. The deer are pretty good about bowing

Shika Senbei_DreamsVoyager_Copyright
Shika Senbei 1_DreamsVoyager_Copyright-min

Not to  Miss

Seasonal Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Another sweet treat that we have a tendency to enjoyed in Japan was soft-serve frozen dessert.

They had some seasonal flavours to choose from like sakura and white peach, as well as the classics like matcha, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

I wasn’t too sure about the sakura ice cream (what do cherry blossoms taste like, anyway?), but it was surprisingly sweet with a light floral aroma. Definitely worth trying!

We tried to see as much as we could in a day, but Nara Park is massive and we barely scratched the surface.

If we’d had more time and we’d known how much there was to see. This destination would make the perfect weekend escape or romantic getaway.

If you do decide to stay overnight, Nara has a mix of hostels and hotels – the place is worth experiencing at least once during your travels in Japan!

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What Kind of Traveler Are You??

There are many kinds of travelers out there, each one looking for something different in the quest of happiness. Some visit nice museums, some travel to get some peace of mind at a quiet destination and others travel to get to know a city inside out.

What about you? What Kind of Traveler are You?

During long flight journeys I found quite few purloined moments to seek the explanations why we have a tendency to travel and considered all the various types of travelers out there.

Accoording to my own reserach 🙂 and our extensive travel to 40+ countries, it gave us a deep insight meaning to why we travel, and what others seek while traveling.



Why do we Travel?

  • Do we visit to expand our minds or our Photo Albums?
  • Do we visit to witness different culture and individuals?
  • Do we visit nice museums and stand before illustrious items of art to grab pictures to make our friends jealous and flood our FB and Insta Handle ?
  • Do we travel to remote places, have exciting adventures and get out of our comfort zone
  • Do we travel for soul seeking or rejuvenation?
  • Or do we travel to just tick things off or “Bucket List”?

What do you Mean by : “The Traveller”

A traveller I think, enjoys a certain amount of freedom, and spends time moving around place to place slowly, seeking out the hidden, less well-known treasures, avoiding the tourist traps and possibly doing things harder. As a traveller you spend more time in slow motion, resting up and absorbing the vibe of a place.

You pay time chatting with different travelers and locals continuously asking questions; sorting out the simplest means of going to your next destination and asking places to stay, and in every way you are keen to find out how places resonate.

You’ll chat to people over a sunset beer in a quiet courtyard and sleep in a place where the view is sweet. Some friendships will last, others will be fleeting and you’ll remember those people as being put in your life at that time for a particular reason.

“While many of us might answer differently, I can say that at some time or another all of these reasons have rung true for me.

What quite somebody are you and the way does one match into the below?”

Urban traveller

You love everything concerning town life: design, culture and arts,  restaurants and bars, shopping..You enjoy roaming the streets, exploring one district after the other, observing locals and tourists alike and just immersing yourself in the city’s dynamic rhythm.

Urban Traveler

The Photographers

These are the type of travelers who travel around the year and taking panoramic and mind blogging pictures around them. They travel to capture the natural beauty and Instagram them to create beautiful stories.

Instagram: GoneGirlmap
Instagram: Dreamsvoyager12

Relaxation  and Nature Lover traveller

Whether it’s on the beach, at the pool or in a lush park, you love to unwind and take yourself away from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Sleeping in, sipping cocktails, reading a good book and unrushed dinners are your idea of a perfect getaway.

Translucent lakes, impressive mountains, enchanting forests or quiet beaches: this is what you look for in your perfect destination.You like to pay your days taking nature walks, exploring the countryside or just relaxing in the great outdoors.

Food Travel Blog

Food traveller

Local cuisine plays a big part in the decision-making process when you’re planning a getaway.

Of course, the destination matters, however what you’re extremely trying forward to is  breakfast, tasty lunch or dinner with native ingredients.

The Backpackers and Adventure Travellers

Backpackers are the kind of travelers who love to explore different destinations and prefer independent travelling with low budget. However, adventure travelers are those who love going on trips and vacations to natural environments or remote locations with the particular purpose of active physical activities and exploring new experiences.

You opt for destinations off the crushed path and trending cities.

Rather than to a country’s preferred destination, you like to explore a city that is often overlooked and feel amazed that a place so special hasn’t been discovered yet by the crowds.

Glacier walk Iceland
Family in Paris

Family traveller

The location wherever you vacation doesn’t matter the maximum amount as having the entire family along in one place. Whether it’s outside fun – assume parks, playgrounds and theme parks – or family-friendly activities within, your vacation focuses on what you’re feeling is that the most vital thing: your family.

The Soul Searchers

These are travelers whose prime objective is to travel around to find themselves and to ponder the deepest philosophies of life. The soul searchers typically travel alone in search of their soul and usually schedule spots where they can spend time staring over the cliffs or taking long strolls or lonely walking through the woods.

Solo Travel

The Typical Tourist 🙂 (Easy to find, Now-days Buzzing on Every Travel Group Forums)

As a tourist you stay in lovely hotels and you tick things off but don’t really experience the essence of a place – it’s a ‘Touch and Go’ experience of the most basic kind. A whisper of reality and then you retreat to your luxury hotel.

You get to the tourist attraction, walk around, take the photo and tick it off. You might talk about the destination at a dinner party afterwards in the way of … “Oh yes, we’ve been to Venice. It was amazing. I loved it! “

The food you eat will be good, because well, you’re only there for a short while so you can afford to splurge for a couple of days before you hit back to home. 😀

And there you have it!

Some folks may match singularly into one class, some folks may see version of themselves in many classes.

So have you guessed yet? Did you find out where you fall? Or are you someone who is totally out-of-the-box? Let us know in the comments section! We would love to hear from you! 🙂 😛 😀

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Schengen Visa Guide for Indian Passport Holder

Being frequent travelers to Europe, we have received tons of questions about getting a Schengen Visa. It’s quite expected.

Europe is a dream destination for several, and the Schengen Visa is probably the most complicated or if well known the most easiest visa.

In this blog, we’ll try to answer the questions we have been asked the most as promptly as we can.However, on a NOTE that we are writing based only on our own experiences. The goal is to help other applicants/travelers to have a better picture of the process. But we encourage you to still contact us for more effortless process as we hold both Business as well as Tourist Long term visa and as our clients say we provide best services in Schengen Visa. 🙂 . For further info you can connect with us on


  • What is a Schengen Visa?
  • What are the Schengen countries?
  • Embassy to which I lodge my visa application?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What is the application process? What are the steps?
  • Do we ought to book flights before applying for a visa?
  • Is travel insurance really necessary?
  • Where to get travel insurance?
  • Can I book hotels on my own?
  • What does a detailed itinerary look like?
  • Am I able to visit countries that don’t seem to be within the itinerary I submitted?
  • If my application is approved, do I even have to stay to the itinerary I submitted?
  •  Is a cover letter required?
  • Are embassies really strict?
  • Is there an interview?
  • What are the questions raise at the interview?
  • How early to  apply for a Schengen visa?
  • How soon the visa is obtained after application?
  • what proportion cash to have within the bank for  visa?
  • Validity of the visa?
  • Euro Video!

What is a Schengen Visa?

The Schengen Visa is a travel document that permits the holder to enter any of the twenty six states that includes Schengen territory.

Its like a virtually all-access pass to several countries in Europe,  within the Schengen zone and it eliminates the hassle  to apply for a visa for each individual country.

Schengen Visa Document

What are the Schengen countries?

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greecea
  • Hungary
  • Iceland

  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

Which embassy should I lodge my visa application?

It will depend upon the aim of your trip or your overall European itinerary.

The rule is:

  • If you’re visiting only one country, apply at the embassy of that country.
  • If you’re visiting multiple countries, apply at the embassy of the main destination or the country where you will be staying the longest.

However, some countries have additional rules. It is best to counter-check with the Embassy to be completely positive.

What are the requirements?

List of requirements is right here:

There are little variations, though, so make sure you check with the embassy that will process your application.

What is the application process? What are the steps?

It varies from Embassy to Embassy.

Some embassies, like the French and the Italian, employ a third party unit to handle most visa applications (VFS Global).

Others, just like the German Embassy, take care of ’em in-house.

Here are the embassies I have personally tried:

  • German Embassy
  • Greek Embassy
  • French Embassy
  • Hungarian Embassy
  • Spain Embassy