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Schengen Visa Hacks & Secrets!

Schengen Visa Hacks & Secrets!

Travel smarty!

Schengen Visa hacks and serets!

Thousands  of people apply every day for Schengen visa from all over the world with a hope to visit the charms of Europe. Some get lucky while most get disappointed when the visa is rejected. And among the rejected are not just people with not good financial background, but even for those who earns top monthly income figures. But Why does it happen?

If you first wish to know the basics of applying Schengen visa, then kindly visit here. In this post, I would like to share some important facts, secrets or insights on how to get your schengen visa in smart & easy ways.

Vist First, Travel After.

Don't purchase actual flight/hotel/packages before getting your visa! Apply first your schengen visa with temporary bookings for a small additional fee. For pricing details, click on the title above.

Select countries where fully confirmed flight reservations not required.

Some countries don't require fully confirmed flight tickets, but some do. So always select those where only temporary booking and travel itinerary is required.

Book Multi-City Flight tickets for Intra-Schengen Reservations (If Required)

If for some reasons, you wish to show Intra-Schengen transportation reservation, the best trick is to show multi-city flight booking covering each flight leg including your travel cities within Schengen area. For Pricing, click on the title.

Show Personal Net worth & Assets to boost your financials.

A single page summary for your personal assets proving your home and other property as well other immovable assets. All this will definitely boost your financials.

Show Previous Travel History

If you have traveled previously to USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or even South Korea, add their visa copies and stamp copies along with your application. It will strengthen trust and confidence with visa officer against reasons to come back.

Pick Embassy, not destination.

Pick Embassy with fastest processing and approval cycle. It always varies from each embassy's individual consulate spread across different regions. So pick wisely.

Select Countries where Intra-Schengen Reservations Not required

Some countries requires Intra-Schengen transportation reservations while some don't. Select preferably those which only required travel plan and international temporary reservations.

Always Show Credit Card Copies

It Is always wise to Show credit card copies with credit limit summary. The limits automatically gets added to your required financials along with your saving accounts deposit balance. If you don't have one, apply for a free card now.

Show Foreign Exchange Endorsements.

Show Foreign currency notes or Pre-Paid cards proofs/receipts linked to your passport details. This will again add your financial expectations. You can take your family members help to arrange this (if in case your own savings account deposit balance is less)

Show Prepaid Travel Vouchers!

Pre-Paid travel vouchers such as local city tours, airport transfers etc. can also be attached along with your applications to support your intentions and boost your financials. All these vouchers sometimes come with possibility of free cancellations. Contact your travel agents or on our website to know more about this.

Schengen Visa Documentation can be both easy and difficult if you knows the facts and way to do it properly. If you wish to opt for expert services, you can check our prices and details information by click here.

For Schengen visa, documentation is the right key, the more accurate your documents are, the best case of approval you get. If you for any chance feel little less confident in preparing the above documents, we always recommend to hire a professional to prepare your case. (But obviously, finding the right professional agent/consultant also matters a lot).

For professional support, we also provide Schengen visa assistance service.

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