How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India?

How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa from India?

Australia offers various visa type and categories, among which one of the famous one is their Tourist visa.

Tourist Visa Type: Visitor visa (subclass 600)

This visa allows you to visit Australia either for Tourism or to Visit Family or friends. Your can stay upto a maximum of 12 months but it depends entirely upon the wish of visa officers how long he wants to offer you the maximum duration possible and its also based on your past travel history and financial records.

Mode of Visa Application

Both online and offline modes can be used for applying visa. However, online process is more recommendable option.

Cost and Processing Time

If you wish to apply online, then you can pay the embassy fees in advance which cost AUD 145. (Equivalent to Rs 7,600) per applicant. There is VFS fees of (Rs 1,248) per applicant which you would have to pay directly at VFS center where you will go for Application. The average processing time is 18-24 days and can even extend to 30-45 days.

What is VFC Global and their role in Visa?

They are middle persons between the applicant and the embassy. The embassy outsourced their visa documentation handling process to them, where they manage all the documentation and passport collections and coordinating back and forth with consulates and embassy. This is where the applicant will submit their documents.

Documents required for Australia Visa:

When it comes to documents, there are 2 main important universal points which you have to keep in mind. First – reason to justify you have enough financial means to support your trip, and Second – reasons to justify you will come back after completing the trip. If you can convince these 2 points to visa officer checking your case, then 100% chance you will get your visa!

Following are the list of standard/default documents, but its can vary from case to case:

  1. Valid Passport (also included previous one if any)
  2. Proof of name change (such as Marriage certificates)
  3. National Identity card/no. (Aadhar/ Pan card etc.)
  4. Notarized copies of your passport.
  5. Passport size Photo (2 recent – 45mm x 35mm)
  • Should have head and shoulders against plain background.
  • Name should be printed at back.
  1. If Visiting family/friends – Invitation letter, evidence of relationship and their passport.
  2. Complete visa application form (document also need to be attached online)
  3. Family composition form and evidences (proof of showing all family members applying)
  4. Covering Letter of the applicant (This is very important and should be simple, crisp and precise to the point)
  5. Flight Reservations (round-trip): We always recommend to use Actual confirmed tickets as the processing time can take up to 1 month (hold/dummy ticket wont work).
  6. Proof of Accommodation: Hotel Bookings
  7. Evidence of planned tourist activities in Australia (this is also required and works best if you could include)
  8. Travel medical insurance: (It is not that mandatory but always better to include)
  9. Detailed Travel Plan and itinerary
  10. Proof of Employment/Financial documents:
  • If Employed (NOC, pay slips, employment contracts, Bank statements, ITR etc.)
  • If self Employed (Business registration, bank statements, ITRs, Audit reports etc.)
  • For freelancers, retired persons, Students or Unemployed some additional documents may vary and will depend on case to case.
  1. Proof of sufficient means: Credit card copies, Foreign exchange endorsements etc.
  2. For Minors, written consent of parents or legal guardians along with their identity documents such as Aadhar/Pan card etc.)
  3. Previous travel history visa copies if you have any (particular USA/ Canada/ Europe).
  4. If the applicant is intending to stay more than 3 months: Chest X-Ray and medical Certificate.
  5. If the applicant age is more than 75 years: medical requirements from panel doctors after getting instructions from embassy.

Australia need you to check if you need to have Health examination:

Log in to Immi Account, go to your application, click on the ‘View health assessment’ link in the Applications Status section. If you need you to have health examinations, you will find a link there called ‘Organize health examinations’. There will be no link if we don’t need you to have health examinations. Click on the link and complete your medical history. When you complete your medical history, you will be given a referral letter containing an identifier call a HAP ID. You need the HAP ID to arrange your health examinations.

Visa Appointments and Submission

You need to submit all your documents at your closest VFS center with a prior appointment. Some points to know before booking it online:

  • Only one appointment can be booked per passport.
  • For example, if you are a family of 4 (2 adults + 2 child), you make 4 individual appointments.
  • You should arrive 10 minutes before your appointment slots.
  • For large groups traveling together, you have to contact the call center to book your appointments.

Passport Collections

For collections, you can either opt for courier services (which are paid) or simply visit the VFS center once you get a notification of receipt of passport at VFS.

For Australia visa, documentation is the right key, the more accurate your documents are, the best case of approval you get. If you for any chance feel little less confident in preparing the above documents, we always recommend to hire a professional to prepare your case. (But obviously, finding the right professional agent/consultant also matters a lot).

For this we recommend to try our services with DreamsVoyager. We are team of professional travelers who knows the challenges an average traveler faces daily especially when its come visa applications and very well knows how to recommend the perfect approach in order to built the best case for approvals! For more details regarding booking and pricing, kindly click on the link given below:

For professional support, we also provide Australia visa assistance service.

Contact Us!

Australia is one the major tourist destination and people from all around the world visit there. Having an Australian visa also adds to your international travel history and helps you increase chances of getting visa from other countries as well. So dont hesitate, if your case is genuine and you wish to plan a trip soon then don’t need to wait anymore and apply for Australian Tourist Visa right away! 🙂

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