How I got 5 Years Multiple Entry Japan Visa from India?!

How i got 5 years multiple entry visa from india!

Japan is one of the beautiful and at the same time most under-rated destination for Indians in my opinion. Not many Indians I have come crossed are much aware of the fact that what this beautiful country has to offer in the form of tourism. Lately, Japan this year has simplified visa rules for Indians and come out some pretty cool different categories where you get the opportunity to get long valid multiple entry tourist visas for up to 5 years and I was recently one of the lucky ones to score them!

Various categories of Japan Visas for Indians

Let us discuss first about all the various categories of different visa for Japan briefly:

  1. Short-term visa: This allows stay up to 90 days for tourism, business, attending conferences, visiting friends/acquaintance, etc., and it does not include paid activities.
  2. Single Entry visa for short stay with the purpose of tourism for Indians Students: In this category – students, graduate students & alumni (within 3 years of graduation) of universities in India are allowed to submit their certificate of student status or graduation instead of the document confirming their financial capability in the application for single entry visa for short-term stay with the purpose of tourism.
  3. Short-term visa Multiple Entry: This is the one of the most important category where the Japan government has come out with different application procedure giving the benefit of ease of documentations and more chances of getting long valid multiple entry tourist visas. We will discuss about in details later here.
  4. Medical Visa: This is mainly meant for services related to medical check-up and treatment. This visa is not only issued to patients but also to accompanying persons also if necessary.
  5. Transit Visa: As the name suggest, if you are transiting through Japan for tourism, sightseeing and simply at rest, you can get a visa for maximum stay up to 15 days.

Conditions for Multiple Entry Visas

For all Indian nationals who wishes to apply for multiple entry visa, any of the following possible categories can be opted:

  1. Any Individual who has travel records of “Temporary Visitor” to Japan twice or more in last three years.
  2. Any Individual who travel records as “Temporary Visitor” to Japan in the last 3 years and has financial capacity to pay the travel expense.
  3. Any Individual who travel records as “Temporary Visitor” to Japan and any of the G7 countries in last 3 years.
  4. Any Individual who sufficient financial capacity.
  5. Spouse or Children’s of the individual who has sufficient financial capacity.

If you have read all 5 categories above, then what it simply conveys is that If you have great international travel history or If you can show that have financially sound money (including savings & investments) then you can anytime can get the benefits of getting long valid multiple entry visa for maximum 5 years (for each stay up to 3 months)

How I got 5 years Multiple entry visa for Japan?

I mainly gained the benefit of 3rd category under Multiple entry visitor. How it works? First, we need to know which all countries come in the part of G7 (full form for Group of seven):

United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & United Kingdom

What it requires in this category is any individual who has in past 3 years traveled to Japan and any minimum any one of these other 6 countries within past 3 years, he is eligible for getting the possibility of long valid multiple entry visa.

Now you would probably think, how does it benefit much as we have to go through all the hassle of showing long documentation! Well, let me jot down the what are the documents is required in this category:

– Covering Letter

– Application form (with Photo)

– Passport (with old passport if any)

– Copies of Previous visa and entry stamps of Japan travel + G7 country.

That’s it! Basically, they don’t need any of your documents. Your simple travel history is all what is required in this case!

In my case, I was already lucky to being travel to almost every single G7 country including Japan in past 3 years. The whole process was super easy, I filled the online application, took necessary copies of passport and visa stamps and went to VFS for documents submission. To my surprise, not even the VFS officers had much idea of what this category has to offer and it took them a while to extract the relevant category checklist and explore through the requirements. Since I was already carrying some extra documents, so they included my temporary flight ticket and one ITR copy along with my application and submitted my case. (Although it wasn’t required as per the checklist and was simply optional).  Exactly after 5 days, I went for my passport collection and got my 5 years visa stamp!

What most people also don’t know is Japan has one of the strongest passports in the world and having a visa from Japan definitely adds a lot of weightage to your travel history. Strong travel history sometimes surpasses the needs of showing financial savings in many visa cases and it becomes very ease to travel anywhere in the world without much worries of getting visa approvals!

I currently hold 10 years Multiple entry US visa, 5 years multiple entry Canada visa, 5 years multiple entry Schengen visa and 5 years multiple entry Japan visa and have traveled to all these countries and many other in last 3 – 5 years. Being having an Indian passport, it’s never easy to get long valid visas but there are people I know who travel internationally much often and simply don’t know how to reap the benefits of building their travel history. Even If you are not a hard-core traveler, just being knowing different ways of how international travel works, you always have opportunities open to building long travel history.


If you have not visited Japan before and planning a trip somewhere in near future, I would definitely recommend going for Japan! The visa process is easy and Japan is one the most welcoming country full of rich culture and advancement!

Various categories of Japan Visas for Indians 5
Conditions for multiple entry visa for Japan

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Nara: Day Trip from Osaka or Kyoto

Nara: Day Trip from Osaka or Kyoto, Japan

One of the best things we did during our stay in Osaka was to go on a day trip to Nara.

Nara is home to temples, shrines and beautiful gardens, but its main claim to fame are the resident deer who roam the streets, bow for treats, and amuse visitors.This destination is hardly a well-kept secret and you are guaranteed to find crowds around the main sights, but don’t let that deter you from visiting. I’m sharing our 1-day Nara travel itinerary featuring historic temples, secret gardens, and delicious street food!

1-Day Nara Travel Itinerary

How to get to Nara?
Nara is a straightforward excursion from metropolis and metropolis with multiple train choices to induce you there.

From Osaka, you can take the Kintetsu Nara Line Or if you have a JR Pass, you can take the JR Kanjo-Yamatoji Lines departing from JR Osaka Station and arriving at JR Nara Station. We went with the first option since we travelled without a JR Pass.

From Kyoto, you can take the Kintetsu Nara Line. Or if you’re a JR Pass holder, you can take the JR Nara Line departing from JR Kyoto Station and arriving at JR Nara Station – just make sure you get on the express!

Things to do in Nara

Nara Park

Let’s start with Nara Park since this is where many of the city’s attractions are located and where you’re most likely to do your sightseeing.

Within this public park, you’ll find temples, shrines, museums, and walking trails. The park also happens to be home to  deer who roam freely.

Know that admission to the park is free, though you’ll have to pay for a few select attractions within the park grounds.

Nara Park

The main attraction in Nara Park is Todai-ji Temple, which was once the world’s largest wooden building, this temple also happens to house the largest bronze statue of a Buddha!

Most of the Northern part of Nara Park is covered by Todaiji’s grounds which includes attractions such as Todaji Musuem, Nigatsudo Hall, Hokkedo Hall, Kaidano Hall, Shosoin Storehouse, former site of Lecture Hall and site of fomer east pagoda.

Todai-ji temple, Nara, Japan
Todai-ji temple, Nara, Japan
Feeding The Deers of Nara

Now let’s cite the most draw to Nara: the deer! Nara’s deer hold a very special status in the city.

Local traditional knowledge has it that Takemikazuchi, the god of thunder, once appeared on Mount Wakakusa (just up the hill from Nara Park) riding a white deer, and thus the deer inhabiting the surrounding forest were deemed sacred messengers of the gods and today they are seen as a national treasure.

The quickest way to befriend the deer is with treats, and thankfully there are lots of licensed vendors selling crackers specifically made for the deer. These are called ‘shika senbei’ and you can get them for ¥150.

Be warned that the deer can sniff out those crackers whether you stuff them in your pockets or hide them in your bag, so once you have them in hand, prepare for a herd of deer to approach. The deer are pretty good about bowing

Shika Senbei_DreamsVoyager_Copyright
Shika Senbei For Feeding Deers
Deer Search in Nara
Deer Search in Nara
Shika Senbei 1_DreamsVoyager_Copyright-min
Feeding Dears In Nara

Not To Miss

Seasonal Soft-Serve Ice cream

Another sweet treat that we have a tendency to enjoyed in Japan was soft-serve frozen dessert.

They had some seasonal flavours to choose from like sakura and white peach, as well as the classics like matcha, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

I wasn’t too sure about the sakura ice cream (what do cherry blossoms taste like, anyway?), but it was surprisingly sweet with a light floral aroma. Definitely worth trying!

Icecream in Nara
Eating Ice-cream in Nara

We tried to see as much as we could in a day, but Nara Park is massive and we barely scratched the surface.

If we’d had more time and we’d known how much there was to see. This destination would make the perfect weekend escape or romantic getaway.

If you do decide to stay overnight, Nara has a mix of hostels and hotels – the place is worth experiencing at least once during your travels in Japan!

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Winter dream trips I want to visit once in my lifetime!

Winter dream trips I want to visit once in my lifetime!

Read about the top winter destinations offering a lifetime expereince!

Once I was bitten by this travel bug, the only travel dream which has always fascinated me since then were the beautiful winter-land travel destinations filled the immense beauty of nature and life! Whether those are mountains neatly wrapped up with snow-white beauty of mother nature, or spectacular range of forest trees standing on the snow-land and nurturing itself in the fresh fall of the snow or crystal clear beautiful lakes shining between the mountain peaks as if you have seen a perfect picture landscape,  it has always been my dream to see such a beauty at least once in my lifetime. So I thought to share that small list of all those dream winter destinations that I want to experience in my life!

01. Tromsø, Norway

Tromso, Norway in Winter
Tromso, Norway in Winter

Tromsø is the largest city in northern Norway and situated 350kms north of Arctic circle. If you are looking for Scandinavian adventure and outdoor activities with a mix of modern city lifestyle with vibrant night life, then Tromsø can be the best option. From super amazing fjords excursions to the best chances of seeing the majestic northern lights, Tromsø has so much to offer. It also offers plenty of attractions such as museums, aquariums or even botanical gardens, you name it!  If you are an adventure sports enthusiastic, then you are open to many opportunities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, whale safaris and even Dog sledging! Well, it has been on my bucket list and have already been to Tromso twice by now and would never miss a chance to visit it again! 🙂

02. Iceland

Vatnajokull Glacier, Iceland
Vatnajokull Glacier, Iceland in winters.

Iceland has become one of the most famous Nordic destinations around the world nowadays. Reykjavík is the largest city and capital of Iceland and lot of people around the year usually take day trip to its famous destinations and routes such as Golden circle, blue lagoons, spectacular glaciers, beautiful sand beaches, amazing waterfalls and scenic volcanoes! But one of the trips which is most fascinating for me is to do Day hiking trips to South cost of Iceland which is usually done in the winter months to have the best Icelandic experience.  Hiking all the way by yourself or with a guided group tour, crossing through the farming lands to the beautiful sand beaches, scenic volcanoes, dazzling waterfalls and magnificent glaciers, it one of the best travel experience I believe one can ever do in their lifetime. I have also been to Iceland twice by now and hoping to revisit again! 🙂

03. Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands, Archipelago, Denmark

Faroe Islands, although a part of Denmark, is a self-governing archipelago. It basically located somwhere halfway between Iceland and Norway. It is also well connected with Denamark via ferry and cruises. It offers some incredible nature and scenery. Most people usually prefer to visit here in summers when it turns totally into green, but I wish to experience its picturesque landscapes in winter times. It still one destination I still have to visit on my bucket list!

04. Zao Onsen, Yamagata Perfecture, Japan

Zao Onsen, Yamagata Perfecture, Japan
Zao Onsen, Yamagata Perfecture, Japan

Zao Onsen is one the most famous tourist destinations situated in the northeastern Tohuku region of Japan and people usually come here to enjoy activities like skiing and snowboarding. It has basically a hot spring village consisting of various hot springs & public bath houses and one can simply relax and nurture the experience of the therapeutic waters there. There are also cable car rides one of which departs from the hot spring village and the journey through it with spectacular views of snow-covered mountains can be just amazing!  One of the main features of Zao onsen best-in class ski resort are the ‘snow monsters’ or trees covered with thick blanket of snow which for some might give a stong evil look but at the same time makes it one of the unique and beautiful visual experiences in the world! Ever since I have visited Japan last year in 2016, the moment I learned about this beautiful destination, I always wished to come back and experience the beauty of the place with my own eyes, so I have kept this bucket list experiences!

05. Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, USA

Kenai Fjords, Alaska
Alaska Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Icebergs Bay Water

Kenai Fjords, also known as glacial paradise, is located in south-central Alaska and situated near the town of Seward. Outlining at the park edges is famous for its largest ice field in the United states, also known as ‘Harding Icefield’. The best feel of this place is that the ice and snow engulfs most of the park and it consist of various Fjords shaped by numerous glaciers. These glacier actually pour down from the Icefield, making their way through valleys and the whole view turn itself into stunning Fjords and icebergs which just look marvelous and picturesque! This is always been in my dream bucket list.

06. Queenstown, New Zealand

Coronet Peak Ski Resort above Otago, New Zealand
Coronet Peak Ski Resort above Otago, New Zealand (High above Queenstown)

Queenstown is located in the South Island of New Zealand and Situated in the central Otago southern Lake area. It has become one of the famous tourist destinations where you can find the neat layer of snow cap and ice claded houses, trees and beautiful & majestic mountains.  The south Island ‘Lake Wakatipu” in winters looks really stunning with its crystal clear beauty. Queenstown in winters is considered to be one of the skiing paradise! I wish to do skiing someday here.

07. Polar Cruise : Spitsbergen (Svalbard), Greenland and Iceland

Polar Cruise
Polar Cruise : Spitsbergen (Svalbard), Greenland and Iceland

This is one of the super-dream expedition trips I wanted do once in my life! Starting from northwest coast of Spitsbergen (on-looking some amazing mountains and fjords) towards the icy waters of Greenland (watching some amazing icebergs & icecaps) and all the way to Iceland (to catch some dreamy Icelandic landscape beauty). The entire voyage has so much to offer and experience. Imagine of having a chance to see those majestic northern lights on literally any day of your journey, or live to experience the view of the real arctic animals such as polar bears, reindeer or walrus, or to explore such terrific views of massive glaciers and active volcanoes! For me it would be a real life-changing experience! Well going on such expeditions while traveling from another corner of the world does require some good savings, but that’s the part of traveling don’t you think?

08. Antarctica Cruise Expeditions (From New Zealand)

To me this expedition has always been an impossible journey in-itself. Being a native Indian, lived my life in middle-class family, these dreams are way more far-fetched for me. But with this travel dream passion still alive in my heart, I think this is one trip I still hope I can do once in my life before I die in peace! The reason I picked this up from New Zealand is that first it is still closer to Asian subcontinent (unlike traveling all-way to Argentina which would literally mean another corner of the world) and secondly unlike south-American voyage, this expedition is much more longer and required a good amount of patience. However, it even makes it a bit more expensive, but anyway I am keeping this to my last bold act of travel journey!  It takes about 7 day sailing to reach Antarctica from New Zealand, so a return trip would take approx 12-14 days and in addition depending on how far you want to reach part of Antarctica ( starting from Cape Adore till Ross Island) the whole expedition will take up a whole month of Journey from New Zealand only. It will be like a solo adventure as in this route you would hardly see any ships on the journey other than the visits to research bases, so basically you will be on your own and the only people you will see all this time would be the one in your ship! But that’s what the travel is all about don’t you think?…to be in the extreme nature on your own, imagine to touch the life on the last corner of the world, to see southernmost active volcanoes, beautiful historic huts,  preserved historic relics and time capsules, a 600 km wall of ice standing in front of you, those beautiful Antarctic penguins nested there in thousand all over the area….its will be just a life living experience which can happen in anyone’s lifetime and I believe it can be possible!

Before we depart........

All these winter dream goals can looks like a long shot deal but I guess, dont the life is all about? To chase your dreams, something I believe is much more precious and makes your complete rather than just materialistic setting of life.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams!
- Oprah

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